The Nautilus is the only vehicle of its kind in the entire world—an electrically powered submarine. It is armor plated, 230 feet long from stem to stern, 30 feet wide, and lavishly decorated—though time and water damage have turned it into a mere shadow of its former glory. Surprisingly, its electrical systems are still functioning, as the generators are able to draw energy from the surrounding seawater.

Acc/Top Speed: 10/20 (50 mph)
Toughness: 20 (4); Crew: 10 + 50; Cost: £147,500


  • Air Supply: The compressed air tanks on the Nautilus can hold 15,000 man-hours of air. (Divide by the current number of crew and passengers to determine how long the air supply lasts.)
  • Heavy Armor: The Nautilus is covered with thick iron plates.
  • Electric Armor: The Nautilus has a double hull, and the exterior hull can be electrified (2d6 damage per round to any creature in contact with it, or in the water and within 4” of it.)
  • Spur: When submerged, the Nautilus can ram other vehicles with its bow spike, causing 2d10 points of damage to the target.


  • Diving Suits: These twelve suits are fitted with backpack-mounted canisters of compressed air (good for four hours). If for some reason the team can’t get the Nautilus to the surface, these suits provide a means of escape. The team can keep the suits, but refilling an air canister costs £1.
  • Library: The library is two stories high and boasts 12,000 volumes on a diverse range of subjects. Eerily, despite the shock of the eruption, all the books are still shelved (Apparently the undead Captain Nemo takes pride in his collection). The books add a +1 bonus to any lodge library.
  • Artwork: The salon is filled with paintings, valuable pearls, and similar treasures. Unfortunately, these items have been badly damaged by the shock of the eruption. Even in poor condition, the items are worth about £1,000. If the team does not operate its own lodge, the Rippers’ leadership donates these items to museums or sells them to help fund the organization.
  • Conference/War room: This room contains a redundant set of controls to operate the sub, including the switches that activate the water pumps and drain the ballast tanks.
  • Wheelhouse: This is the main control room for the Nautilus, including the switches that activate the water pumps and drain the ballast tanks.

4 officers quarters, 8 crew quarters (double occupancy),


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