The Hauntings

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Update November 1892

Due to an incident that happened here, the Companions no longer meet here, and have scattered to the winds. However, just before they departed, Father Batch showed them a disused part of the lodge, which a few of them have reclaimed. It is expected that someone will check in on him around the full moon…


The Hauntings Inn is owned by Hildebrand Standish. He inherited it after his mother recently disappeared on one of her outlandish adventures of late. It is an old building, but the doors are still sturdy and the bars on the lower windows are not rusted. It is located in Gravesend, across the Thames from the Tilbury Docks.

Hildebrand still allows the group that his mother called the Rippers to use the upper floor, even though they do occasionally cause minor problems. The new leader of this group, Father Batch calls them the Companions of Peace. He is not completely certain it is the same group, but most of the people involved are still the same, so…

The Hauntings

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