The world beyond Darkness

Destruction of a God
The (Final?) death of Sosra

About 20 April, 1893

The rippers join forces with the tribesmen and follow an obvious trail of dozens heading back to the east. After another day of travel, they can see a large camp. One of the Tribesmen and Daniel go to scout it out. They return and report at least one armed guard, a dozen mummies, and a score of tribesmen. Although they did not see Imhotep, they did see a very large tent, that the majority of the mummies were gathered around.

It is decided that they will try and take out the guard as stealthily as possible, and then go to use the Ring of Toth on Sosra. The tribesmen would act as a harassing force on the far side of the camp to try keep the main force from being completely overwhelmed.

The fight goes relatively well, with DK hitting Sosra with the ring, which causes the other mummies to collapse, and the tribesmen to run. In the aftermath, however they discover that Allan has been shot in the head, and barely breathing, and the tribesmen are all killed. The riflemen flee with 2 of their members killed, probably by the Bedouins.

Doing all they can to keep Allan alive, they head back to Cairo, at least a 10 day journey by camel…

And Out the other side
Out of the Frying pan...

About 18 April, 1893

While at the Egyptian work site, having been told it was the 1st Great Temple to Imhotep, they get attacked by a priest…Who nearly kills the water boy with them, before, after a heated battle, in which the priest immolated himself with orange and red flames, the Roman woman stabs one of her work knives into his throat. The priest collapses, the flames wink out…

And from behind them in the dark, they hear “Capture the roman. Kill the others, but if anyone harms my eternal queen…”

And then…things get gruesome as the can do little but watch their hosts be killed and captured…

Waking in a chamber filled with precious, but fouled, water, they eventually free themselves and continue south. After a couple of days, they find another destroyed camp, with relatively fresh tracks leading away. Encountering another Bedouin and his kin, they join forces to deal with The New King, which may be more difficult than expected…

When Are We...
Shouldn't have climbed that column

Date Unknown…

After another days travel in the trackless desert of the Sahara, they come upon a mostly buried column. The sandstone has been badly weathered, but faces and animal shapes can still be discerned…

In an effort to get a better vantage, Allan climbs to the top…and Disappears!!!

It is decided that they must try to follow him, so, one by one, with some assistance from Dirk they make it to the top…and disappear as well…

The each wake up…but things are different…

Destiny or something like that

Adrianna Blackburn

If we survive this encounter with Sorsra, I never want to see the desert again. Nothing good has come out of my time here. Well I take that back, there has been one good thing, Peter. But I don’t know where that is going. He might not want anything to do with me after this, and I think the worst is yet to come. We’ve probably already really freaked him out. I haven’t even told him about my dream/vision yet. I’m not sure about it myself since its my first experience with spirits. I’ll have to talk with D.K. more so I can understand it more. I have plenty of time to think about it because I’m afraid to go back to sleep. Will Ahmadj come to me again. Tell me more about my destiny. I don’t want to hear that I am the only one who can defeat him. I didn’t fair so well the last time. So how is it that I’m the one who can take him down. Maybe I’ll dream about how to take him down so it will be easier. But I don’t see that happening. Nothing has been easy since I started training as a Ripper. So how was I able to see Ahmadj and Papa and Rose could see him as well? But D.K. did not? She was awake and there with me , but didn’t really see or hear him. So instead of sleeping I sit here and think about it. Ahmadj said I had been here before. After what I have been through in the desert so far I think I would remember being there before. I have never left England until just recently. So how are we, yes I said we I’m not in this myself, going to defeat him? What will the ring do to him, or will it help us? Why did he go to so much effort to make sure it was safe and away from him? I don’t know if we will figure this out before we face him but right now that is all we have to go on. We have to face him. We have no other option. Someone has to stop him. We’ve put to much time, effort and resources into this. to give up now. Will he lead us to the pillars, or give us any clue’s to where Van Helsing has gone? We don’t know so we just keep moving. Maybe someday soon this will all be answered.
The Black Jack Club
And the wastes

April 12th, 1893

The night before they prepare to leave, Ms. Graypartridge receives an invitation to an exclusive club in Cairo, stating that they have some information that may be of use to them. They decide to attend the soiree, but it does not turn out exactly as they plan…(Or did it)…

Once they finally leave they leave Cairo in empty beer barrels and have a rather disheartening encounter just outside of the old city, that forces them to send a few of their party back to the lodge. After that, they continue into the desert, slowly heading away from the Nile valley on their generally southern route. THey find a nearly deserted Bedouin camp, where they learn something of the power of their enemy. A few days after that, they find the remains of an encampment near an oasis, where they acquire camels.

Oh bother...
Or, something funny happened to us on our way to the caravan...

Yea Gods. I think I am inebriated and I haven’t had a drop to drink.

Pretending to be dead is all well and good, but how does one actually leave the place one was hiding and not give away that they are no longer dead? Brilliant Adriana came up with the key. You leave inside barrels during a routine removal.

A little snug, a little aromatic and a little sea sick inducing this ride within our hidey hole barrels has gone on way too long. There have been odd noises and disconcerting bumping. I was prepared to endure quite a bit of bumping, but this seems to be extreme, and the noises… well, if I didn’t know better, I would say there was too much shouting and odd clashes and bangs….

I do not think I can handle the not knowing any longer… I’m going to look.

…. Except that I can’t. I was assured I would be able to open my own cask from within, but it would appear I am either not strong enough, or someone tamped it down a little too hard…

Stuck… I’m stuck… and that definitely was someone falling on my barrel…. and that… that bit of sticky warm…. that’s blood…

Oh bother…

Stuck in a barrel

Adrianna Blackburn

We came to Cairo in search of pillars. All we have found so far is injuries. Mummies are not something I want to face much more of. I’ve gotten mummy rot and a scar across my face just in the last few days. And we are not done with them yet. We still have to find and face Sorsra again. Hopefully this time we will be better prepared. We have rested and recovered as well as we are going to be able to here at Al’s. He has done so much for us, I don’t know how we are ever going to pay him back. Maybe doing away with Sorsra for good will be a step in the right direction. So here we are ready to leave Al’s. But how are we going to go about leaving without being seen. We know Al’s is being watched. Nobody knows we are alive thanks to the news report of our deaths by food poisoning. So what is the easiest way to get out? Al’s is a bar which means they have plenty of barrels that the beer is stored in. That is how we will leave undetected, inside beer barrels that are being shipped out. Not the most comfortable of rides, but it can’t be much worse then riding on the back of a stinky camel. I know Dirk won’t have a problem with our mode of transportation, but I’m not to sure how D.K. is going to fell about it. Hopefully it won’t take too long. All we have to do is get away from Cairo a little. Then we can get out. At least that is what I think the plan is. But we know how well everything goes for us when we actually have a plan. So here it goes. Into the barrels we go.
Another Restless Night, Another Quiet Journey

Another sleepless night left me restless to the point of irritation. I decide to leave the place for a while and get some fresh air. My mind torn between the tombs and Al’s, I almost feel like I’m going to suffocate. I dress myself in the Egyptian clothing we acquired earlier so I won’t stand out. I grab my blanket and head out into the night. The city is quiet and it seems I’m the only one breaking it with my quiet footsteps and breathing. I decide it’s best if I don’t wonder too far but find a nearby row of buildings with multiple levels caught my eye. I check to make sure I’m not being followed and climb to their rooftop. After a fair bit of effort, I sit on the edge of the wall three stories up. I have a good view of the city and the surrounding area thanks to the bright moon overhead. I wrap the blanket around myself to keep the chill off. Amazing that it can get so cold when the day can be so blistering hot. I sit there for a long while enjoying the solitude and the occasional breeze. The only thing lacking in the moment is a small camp fire. After a couple hours of inspecting the city and wondering about the people in each building I move from the edge of the wall and lay down to catch a nap. It could have only been a short while after, I wake and notice the sun about to rise. I sit up and check around to make sure no one is near. Confident that I’m still alone and unwatched, I perch again and see the city in new light. As the sun rises I see the light shining off the buildings, a whole city unlike any I’ve seen before. In the distance, I see the great pyramids as a backdrop. I sit quietly enjoying the view and find myself smiling. Though there’s a city full of people, the scene is very serene and I have it all to myself as if it’s hundreds of miles to the nearest person. Not long after reveling at the sight I hear what sounds like a door open in the distance. Then a set of shutters. The city has awoken and my moment is over. I had almost no sleep but I finally feel rested. Time to head back to Al’s to see what the new day brings. It’s then that I notice a small satchel tucked in a corner behind a crate. Only then do I notice that this roof is being used as some sort of makeshift storage. I pick it up and find a pistol, book and a fair amount of money. Looks like someone’s stashed a getaway bag. There’s no time to check the book out if I don’t want to be seen so I stuff it back in the satchel and set off for Al’s. Excitement starts to fill me as I make a quick patch back to the bar. Soon I’ll see what kind of treasure I find.

The Curse continues
Sosra must be found...

February 24th, 1893

After the tomb is thoroughly searched, little more is found, and the rippers return to Cairo after a nights rest.

Upon arrival at AL’s, they find that Johnathan Harker has been summoned back by his wife, Mina. He takes Adrianna, D.K. and Dirk aside and offers them and invitation to Castle Buda, his lodge. He also compliments on their rapid rise. Before departing, he offers a bit of advice, as well as caution.

After several days of cataloging and interpreting the documents, by the rippers and two scholars from the Directorate of Antiquities, Al calls the three of them into his office. There, he tells them of a harrowing translation. According to the antiquarians, the document, along with several others, are only a fraction of the age of the rest of them. And one in particular says that Imhotep will rise again, slaying all those who refuse to bow down before him, so that he may rule the world with his army of his flesh…

They prepare to travel across the sands to hunt down and destroy Sosra, as well as finding the pillars of Atlantis at his New Temple…

What is the hour?
Late in the tomb...

It’s difficult to keep the time when there is no sky

Finding bits of information in the “Library,” the rippers explore the final room. There They find a closed sarcophagus, and several dessicated corpses.

It is decided to open the sarcophagus, and several of the corpses rise. In the ensuing fight, the mummy rises from the sarcophagus, and animates one of the statues. The fight is arduous, but the rippers are victorious! In searching the ruins of the room, a score of silver coins, and a jade scarab are found. On the hand of the mummy, there is a ring with a stylized ibis. A moments examination reveals that the beak of the ibis, can be turned out, perpendicular to the face of the ring, and when that happens, a miniscule drop of thick ruby liquid glistens from the tip.

The Rippers set to arguing what should be done with the remains of the mummies, and perhaps the statues…they might be harvest-able for ripper-tech, but Father McBain is adamant against it.


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