The world beyond Darkness

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So many choices...

30th April, 1893, Tea time

Another exciting day in Cairo…The rippers start the day, with a campaign of letters to increase the income of the Alexandria Archeological Society (Preserving and sanctifying the past of an ancient world). They then went about speaking with CS Timpkins, of Her Majesties Constabulary. They follow D.K.s aetheric compass to a large house, marked with the Sign of St Stephen. Then back to Al’s, where, while speaking with Gwen, they are interrupted. They find that the interruption is from a pair of professors, and they are mounting a student dig…


Another night of restless sleep so I decide to watch the sunrise again. I slip into robes to not stand out if seen and make my way to the rooftop I’ve visited before. It’s very quiet and peaceful, such a stark contrast from the last couple months of my life. Now as I sit here, someone I’ve started to consider a friend is slowly making his way back from death. Even if he gets the ripper tech he’s asked for, I doubt he’ll be complete again. My mind jumps through some of the trials we’ve been through recently. I don’t know that we could have done anything different with exception to die ourselves. Fate truly is cruel. For us to live, others continue to pay the price with their deaths. I’m not sure what we’re doing here but we managed to save a friend and I think the ladies and I are in an unspoken agreement. We’re to do right by Al. He would have been added to the list of dead growing within our protection. Miraculously he cheated that payment and we’re bound to do what we can to help. I only hope it’s enough. I break from thought as I hear a door open from somewhere down below. The Sun is rising on this filthy city but in this light, it’s magnificent. Time to go before it’s noticed that I’m missing. Time to go and shine the light in the darkest recesses of this place. Maybe I’ll make it back again. If I do, hopefully I’m whole.

Building a plan
The Darkness Grows

29th April, 1893, Late into the night

During the day, our heros spend time with Gwen discussing what has happened. She explains some of the prejudice against her gypsy heritage, but explains that she is staying to help keep the Lodge running, which is why she is helping the young rippers learn some of the secrets of it’s management.

Darling and Dirk have a short argument over their need to keep out of sight, and then go to the hospital, where they have a small surprise before they speak with Al, where they discover he is doing better, and is considering using ripper-tech to replace his lost eye.

After discussing with Al, they return with some new concerns, such as the fact that Dr. Jack may be here in Cairo, or that there may be a power struggle now that Sosra is gone, or that there may be some serious wrongdoing in Her Royal Majesties name. They speak with Seal Hunter who believes there may be a vampire about. They meet with Carmel who has been inside the warehouse in question. And finally, they speak with Humbert, who KNOWS he can help Al with his acquisition of ripper tech.


Adrianna Blackburn

Having no time to stop and think about what we just saw I start looking through what was considered a library here. This will definitely be an area I will expand, how can we find out anything when the library is so small. But that is for another time. Right now I need to find out anything I can. After some time I find a month old newspaper that talks about the third disembodied person found in the last four months. There have been almost no clues left. Each time it has been a young female in her teens to early 20’s. Different parts of the body have been missing at each scene. There have been esoteric markings around the room and wood shavings found at each time. Each of the properties where the bodies were found belonged to Lord Becket-Stimons, of HRM customs and Excise. I also found that constable Nadim was savaged by guard dogs at this site. Probably the same guard dogs we killed. Overall the report appears to be incomplete. There is no locations listed and no officers listed for us to question. But now we know this is not the first incident. But where we go from here I’m not sure. Maybe Gwen can help.
A Sleepwalker's Nightmare

oh god oh god oh god oh god…. what is happening to me? How can a dying spirit call to me and have my body respond while I am asleep and unaware? How can that be? What have I done? Who have I wronged? Why?

Calm down Darling… calm down… start at the beginning and maybe you can make some sense of things…

I woke from a dream of blood and screaming to find myself standing in gore, clutching a woman’s severed arm to my chest. Candles guttered and sputtered and burned breaking up the darkness around me and i could see the mutilated and decapitated corpse at my feet… the head sitting upon a small, battered table. I dropped the arm in horror and fell to my knees disgorging everything that was in my stomach from that evening’s dinner. Shaken, I cast around looking for PopPop… one question on my tongue… “Did I do this?” His denial was so firm, so certain it was like a physical blow. The comfort from that answer was short lived as panic began to sink in and I frantically began looking for a way out. The door out of this chamber was closed and when I reached to press down the handle I felt a small surge of power and a momentary shock but the door opened at my firm push. Beyond was a cellar of some sort with barrels and bottles and another door leading up… but barred from this side… puzzled but still mildly panicked I lifted the bar and moved into the the dimly lit room beyond. This room was long and narrow and there were pallets and tiny red lanterns along the walkway… an opium den… Some of the pallets were occupied, but I kept moving… sitting next to the door at the end of the room was a man slumped and slouched… and dead… with a dagger wound in his chest. This door was locked… from the inside… I turned the key and cautiously moved out into the alley, got my bearings and quickly and quietly, scurrying along the shadows made my way back to Al’s.

When asked, PopPop was confused and could not explain to me how I had gotten into that little room. He knew that I had been called by the woman’s death, that he was able to follow me, but would not have been able to pass through the door without me. I cannot explain how I got in there… all doors locked behind me… one lock something I cannot comprehend or replicate myself.

Back in the comfort of Al’s I rummaged for a whisky bottle and proceeded to down a swallow or two… then the sobs came and everyone else woke up. I did my best to explain and in the act of doing that got my spine back. Cleaning up and dressing, the four of us headed out into the night to investigate. It was easy enough to get them back to the little opium den in the dark alley, easy enough to show them where I started… Then, with my aetheric devices at hand I took photos and took closer looks, finding a button in the blood that had an aetheric aura, so I plotted it into the compass and we began to follow… but in the following we found footprints in the dust, and indications that something lay behind the barrels along one wall. Behind we found a passageway that lead up into a small room occupied by large black dog like creatures… although they were not natural and seemed to be dead, but not dead. They were tough to kill, and when they did die they gave off black, sulfurous smoke. Beyond them was a door into a warehouse. We moved through the warehouse following the compass, only to discover British soldiers looking for us.

Deciding retreat was the better part of valor we retraced our steps on the run, closing doors behind us back out, down and once again through the opium den, then small streets and alleys back to Al’s.

Here we sit, waiting for day and the arrival of Gwen in the hopes she might have some advice. Adriana has retired to the library looking for answers and I have retired to my journal looking for my own.

I hope she finds some as I’m not having any luck.

I expect a new voice will join the old familiar ones any time now.

Called to the scene
House calls?

29th April, 1893, hours before Dawn

D.K. awakes to a horrifying scene, realizing she is not where she expected to be, and returns to Al’s, rousing the others. After a few moments of concern over the blood on her night clothes, she explains how she found herself in the back of an opium den with a dismembered woman, and her blood on her. They decide that they need to take action…

Arriving at the opium den, they find things about as she left them less than an hour before, but they are better prepared to investigate the scene. They find a few things, including another way out…which leads them into, what…guard dogs of Hell?

A message intercepted
A setback for the Rippers?

About 15 April, 1893

Unbeknownst to our intrepid heroes in Egypt, the following missive is intercepted in a Ripper raid in Portsmouth.


The fool you had entrusted may have succeeded, but only through luck and folly. I have had him dealt with.

The Rippers you had desired to snare, may have been eliminated. There are newspaper reports of 3 foreigners who succumb to food borne illnesses. And the old soldier who accompanied the Aetheriscist returned to England unaccompanied. I believe that poison was employed, but they all left the club and were taken away in a closed cab.

They were admitted to the hospital, and no one seems to remember them departing. One of the doctors did confirm that he signed three certificates of morality, but no one could agree on who claimed the bodies. There has been little activity at the bar, however Frazer and several others departed Cairo several days ago, with two returning. I can confirm that Harker has departed.

We may be rid of the three herculean assets, but, as we have learned often before, as well as used to our advantage, things are not always what they appear. The irregularities concern me, but so far, I cannot forswear the obvious…they have died, never more to interrupt our schemes.


Cairo sweet Cairo

Cairo was exactly where we left it, and none too soon. Frazer is in the hands of the doctors now and seems to be recovering, however, he will never be the same again. Hours of surgery and weeks of coma like sleep and he is back with us. He has lost use in his right arm, he has lost an eye and his speech is slurred. I am gutted. It is ridiculous, I know, but when he actually woke up I had the crazy thought that he would be back to normal again in no time. I’m not sure it is going to be easy coming to terms with this new normal for him… or for me. I feel so responsible. Everywhere we go people die. Good people. People who stood up and volunteered to go with us and help us in our quest. I live in constant fear of hearing new voices… familiar voices…

But. PopPop is right. I cannot dwell. What happens to their souls at the time of their body’s demise really has nothing to do with me. He swears on his perfectly waxed moustachios (not a swear to be made or taken lightly) that my actions will not damn them. Oh how I wish he had not used that phrase… But. Life goes on. Obligations continue. Al’s lodge is in need of care and leadership and we have stepped in to breach the gap. It is only fitting, really. Gwenn Able is helping us to learn the ropes, even pointing out an issue that needed looking into. Which we did… an incident of missing people… but, it didn’t go particularly well and I don’t think we came out on top. But we did try.

There is still the issue of the pillars. We defeated Sosra, but we did not find the pillars… I don’t think. perhaps now, with Frazer out of danger and on the mend we can turn our sights to the puzzle of those pillars. It would not do to let all those deaths have happened in vain.

Interlude Treasure

Adrianna Blackburn

Finally, this part of the journey is over. We defeated Sorsra. No more mummies. Now we can leave this god for saken desert. Bur before we leave I need to talk to Peter. He has to understand why we can’t just write about mummies. People will have him committed. So I spend my down time when not traveling talking with Peter. I explain the best that I can that many things that we encounter can never be written about. Most people would not believe us and the rest would say something is wrong with us. We seek out these monsters so they can no longer endanger others. We each chose to be rippers for different reasons. But the three of us came together for some of the same reasons. These monsters, be it werewolves, hydes, vampires, or mummies, have taken something close to us. That gives us cause to take them out before they take us out. I will answer any questions Peter has, for me or about the group. One night while talking to him I start digging in the sand next to where we camp. I just run my hands through the sand. Trying to stay calm while talking to him, not get to excited about what we are talking about. My hand comes upon something hard. I stop talking and start digging more. After explaining what I feel, Peter helps me dig it up. It is a box with a lock on it. After messing with it for awhile, I’m able to open it. When I do all I see is gold. Lots and lots of gold. Jewelry and different size coins. Sifting through I see several necklaces and bracelets made of gold. They look like the jewelry I was wearing when I was Atma. I hand Peter the jewelry and say, “Here is your souvenir from this journey. You can always remember when I was Atma.” The jewelry doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m not a flashy gal. Now the money is a different story. I’ve never seen that much money at one time. Usually I only have enough to just get by. But there is so much more here. I run my hands through it. It’s Egyptian but its still money. Lots of money. So much that I don’t know what to do.If I don’t have to live day to day, I won’t know what to do. Oh wait, I could actually live rather then just survive. Once we get back to England I could actually afford to move out. I won’t have to rely on others. Oh the possibilities. I could have a real life for once.
Fight, Frazer, Fight
..or the harrowing journey of D.K. Greypartridge and company back to civilization and desperately needed medical care

I am woefully derelict in my duties of cataloging our endeavors. My apologies. It has been a long, harrowing journey filled with days of tedium and frantic, anurism inducing moments of sheer panic and terror. I promise to sit down, in due course, make a good accounting of our travels and our actions. But for now I can only think about Frazer’s next breath.

We found Sosra. We confronted him. We defeated him, but it came at a very high cost. Frazer took bullet to his head. He lives, but barely. We manage to trickle moisture down his throat, we keep him clean and comfortable, we move him carefully as quickly as we can… but it does not look good.

He has woken a few times, but was never coherent. He did eat… but also, several times he has stopped breathing and it was a frantic rush to try to convince his body to do that simple task again.

I don’t know why, but I feel responsible for the man. He has been very kind and very helpful and I adore his wry humor and his Yankee charm. I refuse to give him up to the afterlife without a fight. I would rather have him here in the flesh than following me around as a wraith, his drawl added to the voices that clamor for my attention and whisper advice.

I know I am worrying my companions. I cannot be coerced from Frazer’s side, I only leave him when I absolutely must. I don’t know why. I just know that I must not fail him. It has been seven days and our journey to Cairo is still not over. The heat of the day is passing and I can hear everyone moving around and making something to eat before we head off into the evening once again. He hasn’t woken up in a day or so and he is due to wake up soon, I so want to get more food into him before we are on the move…

… odd… that sounds like a ruckus… Pop Pop says there are bandits. Pardon me for the moment.


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