The world beyond Darkness

Professor Van Helsing, I presume?
The journey is not over

21st of February, 1894

Having killed the so called “Old Ones,” the party leaves August, and Meade with Cyrus Porter on the Nautalis, and head off to see what they can find down the stairs. They descend into darkness, using their trusty Rumkorpf Apparatus for light.

Deep beneath the pyramid, they discover a quiet and seemingly abandon Atlantis…There a a few artifacts, and some sort of creature that attacks them with gusto, but they defeat them fairly easily. After almost 6 hours…They come upon a bedraggled Professor Van Helsing, who is studying an 8 foot stone circle with various symbols around the outside. Van Helsing tells them some nearly unbelivable things, and sends them off to catch Dr. Jack

We have spent the last few weeks searching the ocean. So far we have not noticed anything that has drawn our attention further. To keep myself busy during the long days when I’m not on lookout duty, I have been trying to reassure Johann that he will be able to swim to shore if he needs to. Eventually I am able to convince Johann to try on the suit and go outside of the Nautilus. It took a long time but he did it. Once he was in the water and could move around he relaxed a little but not all the way. But he was doing it, now when he was choosing to do it and not when he was forced to or die. While Johann was practicing I spent time looking around the ocean floor. I found several different kinds of shells that I had never seen before. I was running my hand across the rocks and shells when I came across a small large pearl. I dropped some of the shells I had picked

up in order to carry the pearl back. I would have to get someone to look at it.

What Have We Found?
Nearing the end?

21st of February, 1894

After repairs on the Nautilus are completed, and a few minor modifications are done, our intrepid heroes return to Cairo to meet with Johann. They discover that Al has been asked by Johann to go and try to take back Paris. They have Izz Udin who knows more about the status of the city before the Four Horseman arrived, but they are much more informative as to the current status. After heartfelt farewells, knowing that they may each team, be going to their destiny, Adriana, D.K., Dirk and Peter with Johann, head out into the Atlantic aboard the Nautilus. They take with them the crewmen that joined them from The Queens Explorer and Dirks remaining followers, determined to see this to the end!

After six weeks of crisscrossing off the coast of Africa, carefully monitoring the changes in brightness of the Atlantean Pillar, they find where it is brightest, near the center of the triangle formed by St Helens, Ascension and St. Thomas islands. They dive deep, getting ominous warnings from the hull and the engineer’s position, but they sight what appears to be the ruins of a massive city, that gives off pale blue glow from various places. The ruins are reminiscent of ancient Greek and Egyptian buildings. In the miles of city, there are pools of glowing red lava slowly leaking into the sea, leaving bubbles of black smoke and steam, slowly, but inexorably, consuming the city around. In the center, they find a huge 5 sided pyramid, nearly 700 to 800 feet along a side, and perhaps slightly higher than that at the peak. About 100 feet from the peak, there is a high (maybe 20 feet or greater) clear crystal window and a bubble of air can be seen inside. All this time, just at the edge of visibility, tentacle things swim by in the dark water.

Upon approach, an entry is discovered, easily large enough for the Nautilus. It is decided to see what they can find inside…After a few hundred feet, a central cylinder of water is found, and they begin to pump out water and slowly start rising. Near the surface, blue light beginning to filter through the water, a terrifying event occurs…


The friends we make
Interlude for Adrianna Treasure
So after way to long outside the Nautilus I finally make it inside. They will pay for making us wait so long. But wow, maybe I can’t be so mad. The Nautilus I can’t believe we found it. Not only did we find it but we dealt with Nemo as well. DK has spent a lot of time working on it and getting it running. So now we are off to Cairo. We have things to do so we can continue to follow the pillars. When DK was not keeping us busy helping her out, me and Peter spent time getting to know the sailors aboard the ship that helped us find The Nautilus. They regaled us with stories and we returned a few of our own. Of course we had to tone ours down quite a bit. We didn’t want to scare them off but we did want to gain their friendship as well as there willingness to continue to help us repair the Nautilus and teach us all they know. After spending time with them they seem willing to help in any way they can. So we had not only gained the Nautilus for ourselves, with a really great library I might add, but also so new friends that might just come in real handy in the near future.
No, really. THE Nautilus
Or how we fought a zombie captain and won the most epic underwater vessel ever.

So. Pardon my crude vernacular…

Bloody hell! We’ve got The Nautilus!

Following our noses, the tabloids and rumors we found ourselves off the coast of Lincoln Island, dropping below the surface in diving suits and discovering the scuttled Nautilus. It took some trial and error and help from the more sea savvy sailors of our hired vessel to figure out how to get in, discover the bilge pumps and gain access to the interior of this magnificent creature.

We also had to fight off the mummified corpse of Captain Nemo his own self in order to take control. Don’t ask. Really. It was unpleasant, gruelling and felt slighty dirty, as we we should be ashamed of ourselves for stealing from a tired, stubborn old corpse.

But. Take her over we did. I could regale you with how I worked tirelessly to figure out the mechanisms and regrease, refuel and rebalast… but… to be honest, it really wouldn’t interest anyone else but other weird scientists. I shall save those stories for redemption when there are free drinks and dinners to be had. Don’t think badly of me. It is The Bloody Nautilus we are talking about here.

We did get our lovely new mistress running, we did get her moving but it was a slow and arduous process. Many things needed constant supervision, many bits and bobs were kept running by chewing gum and sticky tape. There are numerous things I’m certain she should be able to do, and systems that are beyond me. There are batteries that cycle sea water and currents that run to the hull. The hull is damaged from the collapse of the island but still intact and sealed, which is a truely a wonder. Most of the ship is in disarray, but oddly, the library is in very good condition with all the book still upright and in place. I found no schematics so must reverse engineer everything. I have to wonder at the genius that was Captain Nemo. So much here to learn. Much of the labelling is worn and unreadable, and the rest is in a language I cannot read. I will figure this beautiful ceature out, with or without Nemo’s help, but it might take me the rest of my life.

We did eventualy get her to Cairo… well… not exactly to Cairo. We decide it is better to leave her discovery a secret, so while I stay behind and work on repairs my companions ride the hired boat back to the city with a list and a mission.

A pillar found...and Zombie Capt Nemo!
A great timefor the rippers

3rd of January, 1894

Our heros find the lava tube that the professor talked about, and descend over 200 feet into the earth. From there, they spent several more days exploring the complex caverns, following a rare marker and descending deeper toward the center of the earth. Eventually, the find signs of habitation as well as some very unusual flora and fauna. They included the undead Dr. V. Frankenstein in this category. From him, they discovered that his abomination guarded the pillar that Dr. Jack brought here at least months ago.

They eventually find the creature, and from him they find a pillar, covered in symbols from many different languages. It appears to be made of white marble, but has a faint glow to it. Remembering what they found in Sosras Tomb, it is decided that it may be glowing due to a proximity of Atlantis! They get it back to London, and speak with Johann about their discoveries, and the state of the rippers. He suggests they will need something to get beneath the waves to reach atlantis and maybe find his Father…Perhaps the Nautilus of the Capt Nemo might be recoverable…it was thought that he scuttled it at Lincoln island, but it might be worth checking.


From there, they traveled to Cairo, with the pillar hidden in a cargo crate. They are reunited with Mr. Frazer, and discuss a great many things. Through his contacts, they are able to hire a underwater exploration vessel of Her Majesties Society for Exploration, and take that to the remnants of Lincoln Island, which has sank beneath the waves, likely due to volcanic activity. However, several fathoms under the sea, they come upon what can only be the famous ship…but they do face perils in it’s recovery!

Beneath the Earth
Remind me to thank Prof. Rhumkorpf!

2nd of December, 1893

Following an eventless trip to the glacier, they are happy that their research had been diligent…there are many holes of various sizes in the vicinity. They descend into the gaping maw, finding at the bottom a large chamber.

That chamber leads to others with small anomalous arrow shaped mossy patches in them. For several days they travel this subterranean labyrinth finding more and more curious artifacts.

Somewhere, deep beneath the earth, perhaps near the very center itself, they find Victor Frankenstein, who is, technically, dead…

A steam voyage undertaken
Situation Reviewed

19th of November, 1893

After the battle at Vignobel, which ended rather anticlimactically, but was followed up by some excitement, they return to the hotel in Paris. There, they discover that an accident occurred at their hotel. Apparently, according to the Gendarme, a gas lamp was left on, and the gas exploded. The resulting explosion and fire killed one of Dirks new found “friends,” Arther Porter.

After this, our heroes return to London and report to Johann what they have found. They have decided that the time is right to head for Iceland to follow up on the only slight lead they have for Doctor Frankenstein. Johann pays a smuggler the rippers have used before to hire him and his steamer to take them to Reykjavík, and one of his rippers provides them with supplies they may need for the 6 day trek to the volcano. During the 4 day journey, with little to do but watch the grey waters and the ever shortening days pass, they gathered down near one of the steam engines, where it was warm and loud enough that they would not be heard, but not so loud that they would need to shout or strain to hear one another. There, they reflected on the progress since they defeated Sosra, not long after Peter joined them, and what set them on this course.

They were summoned to Castle Buda, where they worked with the Harkers again and they interrogated Dr. Jekyll. From him, they learned that Dr. Jack had shown several of his student two pillars that he supposedly obtained in Scotland. He has since entrusted one Dr. Prometheus, while the other was given to Frankenstein, who is believed dead. They also found that Dr. Jack has since disappeared as well, and Jekyll believed it had something to do with the pillars. Since the pillars may be the only link they had to Professor Van Helsing, they started to see what they could find out about Prometheus and the deceased Frankenstein.

They came up with a tentative link to Prometheus, as there was a Prometheus Ltd. a company that deals with pharmaceuticals from Brazil, and they had a cargo steamer called the Omega, which was the name mentioned on a note they took off a defeated Hyde the night they were officially enjoined to the Rippers. While they were dealing with other issues, rippers in Rio attacked a remote location where they defeated Dr. Prometheus. He was carrying on, and had apparently improved the work of his mentor, Dr. Moreau. However, while interrogating him, they found that Dr. Jack had come and taken some sort of pillar away. So, they go to meet a Professor H. O. Lidenbrock, who may have some info on Frankenstein s whereabouts. As, up to this point, the have only found that he died on a ship, and his body was taken away by a very large man. Prof. Lidenbrock confirmed that he had spoken to Frankenstein about an underground world beneath the Snæfellsjökull Glacier. Apparently, Frankenstein and Lidenbrock were to carry out an expedition, but Frankenstein left before the appointed time.

So, now they were aboard the Archangel, captained by Johannes Kamala heading to the Snow-fell glacier, with guides hired by the Rippers. From Reykjavík, they expect about 6 days of sledding to reach the glacier. Fortunately, Iceland does not get far below freezing in November so the trip will be cold, but probably not dangerously so, at least with guides and equipment. Once they arrive, they will descend hopefully finding either a link to Frankenstein or maybe the pillar, or better yet, some definitive link to Professor Van Helsing. Have they missed anything? Are they on the right track?

Either way, they will be leaving in two days, and until then, they will rest and recover in the Hotel Royal, and the exquisite hot springs.

The Meeting
A trip to Le Vignobel

6th of November, 1893

After meeting Vincent, he discreetly takes them, to an abandon vinyard villa and takes them to a chamber beneath it. There he tells them that this place, Le Vignobel, acts something like a lodge since the Carre Lune had to be abandon. He tells them of an attack by Hydes, as well as Invisible foes. He invites them to return in two days time for a gahering of the local rippers.

They spend the intervening time examing some of the things they have found, which lead them to Eifel’s Tower…After taking care to get to the meeting, they meet several local rippers, many of whom sport Rippertech. They also decide that they may have found one of the weakness of the organization in Paris…and then something happens…

Apologies to a friend

Oh Anja. I have failed you miserably. I’m so sorry I was so incredibly late and unable to help you. My heart is heavy with the thoughts of the suffering and fear your last days were filled with. Know, my sweet friend, that I will do all I can to put things right and avenge you the horrible deeds brought upon you. I am so sorry.

Sorry, heartsick and confused. There is a stink in the air here in Paris. Something that is rotten and decidedly off. It can be seen in the aether as well, eddying in dank, curls and swirls about the feet of the unsuspecting citizens of this supposedly beautiful city.

In my searchings for you, Anja, I have encountered other Rippers and will be attending a meeting in the hopes of getting their aid and sorting some of this mess out, although I fear the problem is far greater than my intrepid group of friends can handle. I think it might be beyond the scope of the entire of the Rippers community to deal with at this point. Paris could very well be totally lost.

I believe, as I wait for the appointed hour I will allow myself to weep and feel sorry for all that is lost in my life. Over the past year I have not often regretted my choice of joining up with these hunters of all that is monsterous, but I do this night. I just wish to be home once again, in PopPop’s lounge, thumbing through technical manuals and dreaming the silly dreams of young girls… or… perhaps back in Switzerland with the snow falling quietly outside while that strapping fellow from Luxembourg rubs warmth back into my feet and trails kisses up my legs.

So, forgive me the indulgence, dear Anja, and know that I will carry your memory with me until my dying day… and that I am deeply and profoundly sorry.


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