The world beyond Darkness

Monster Hunt

Mummies Daddy, Pt 2

February 9th, 1893

Al’s, in Cairo

The few survivors of the last ill fated mission return to Cairo, and Al’s lodge/Bar. The ladies are Hospitalized and attended by Dr. Maliik Ahmed, a very skilled doctor working on behalf of Her Majesty at Martyr’s Hospital. They are visited by Sir Evelin Bering, The Consul-General for Britian. He tells them that their service to the crown is appricated, and that their care will be paid for by the Crown.

While they recoup, research is being done. There are reports of a mummy attacking tribes in the desert.Once Adriana recovers enough, they discover more information about the Priest Sosra, and his fate. Al sends word back to London, and is told that several experienced Rippers will be arriving….

Johnathan Harker, know for hunting Dracula; Father Angus McBride, known warrior of the Order of St George; Spring-heeled jack, a suspected boogy man in actuality a vigilante; Danial Hubert, most acclaimed Werewolf hunter in the Rippers, and Gwendolyn Abel, a Roma Gypsy who has been know to wield curses even sharper than her knife…all arrive at Cairo. Joinijng with Al, our hero’s and the less renown rippers here, they set out to re-address this evil that walks the land.


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