The world beyond Darkness

Curse of Imhotep

The Daddy of all Mummies

January 8th, 1893, Just south of the Saqqara Necropolis

After several days of digging, and one massive sandstorm, they find what appears to be an entrance to the pyramid. Inside, they find a room of Hieroglyphs, that, though not taking the time to study them, appear to speak of the God of Medicine, Imhotep. Further in, the find a room with curses and warnings on nearly every surface. Several warn of an ancient curse for those who defile the tomb of Sosra.

At this point, fortune turns her back. While traveling down a long flight of stairs, they discover several trip lines, which Ayishah i carefully disables. Until she doesn’t, then a stone block falls, blocking their return. Before too long they have had two others drop, another behind, and one ahead. They decide to return to regroup. They spend hours chipping through the stone blocks, finally reaching the surface…only to find a scene of carnage…

Beyond the counter-weighted door, all of their laborers have been slain. Standing on a rise is a large mummy, who points to them, and begins speaking in an ancient tongue, which Ayisha attempts to translate. “Defilers of the Tomb of Sosra…Death Awaits” At this point, the mummy emits a ululating howl and 4 other mummies rise up out of the sand…

The loss to the rippers was great, but complete disaster was averted…for now…


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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