The world beyond Darkness

An Outcome achieved...

But of what value?

19th of May 1895 , Late in the evening at Van Helsing Lodge…

Mounting the horses, joining the hunstman, and Colonel Prothero, they ride off after the kidnappers.

It is a difficult ride through the dense wood, but they come out on the far side to a farm road. A few yards away a handfull of the men with horses are spotted and a wagon well down the road.

They engage them recovering Sir Bankes and Mr. Jellicoe, but at least one gets away. Sir william has a dark bruise on the side of his face, but otherwise they seem in good condition.

Upon returning to Kingston Lacy, Sir Bankes agrees to support the Van Helsing Charities, even though he was a bit put off that members of such a well intentioned organization would simply let a murder happen in his house, he understood their choice of prudence.

Our heroes then re-investigate, and think they have solved the murder, about the time the constables from Bournemouth arrive. They conduct their own investigation, and after interviewing all the witnesses, return to Bournemouth and advise everyone to be available for further questioning. However, the senior inspector seems to have suspicions of our heroes.

Returning to London, with 50 guineas from their newest sponsor, they discuss the incident with Mina. After brandies, they meet Silas, and trade the cursed blades that Dirk carries for one that is supposedly blessed and 400 years old.


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