The world beyond Darkness


Witches, yet another new thing to add to our growing list of encounters. I feel the same way towards them that I do mummies. Would gladly avoid them in the future. I can’t believe they can kill someone just to improve themselves. I just don’t understand it. What did he ever do to them, besides hunt them down and kill them. I wish we could have gotten to them sooner and stopped the sacrifice. But there were just too many of them. The part that I have to concentrate on is that we stopped them from ever doing it again. We were not successful in stopping the ritual but we did kill them. We paid a heavy price as well. We are all injured and need a lot of time to recover. We nearly lost Hunter and Peter, again. This is becoming a problem. I don’t want to lose another person I care about. I’m going to make it my mission to work with Peter once we both recover. I need to make him stronger. I’ll train him to shot better and make better decisions when in battle. I’ll have to train myself as well. I keep saying my attack plan needs to be from afar. My best move is to shot from far away and let Dirk do the up close and personal fighting. I just can’t take a hit from anything without slowing down, or being totally useless. So me and Peter need to surround our opponents and attack together. No more moving in and getting hurt. That has not worked for either of us. We have the permanent injuries and marks to remind us of that all the time. So after relaxing and recovering for awhile, Peter and I spend all our time going over ways to move together. We come up with ways to mirror each other as well as stay out of each others gun fire. We spend a lot of time just firing at targets. Both moving and still. We go over situations we have been in before so we can see where to improve. After many hours together we feel as though we understand each others movements better. We can communicate in battle with each other without having to talk. We will be more like a team and less like individuals. Hopefully this will allow us to face more battles together and come out unharmed. Adrianna Blackburn



MasterGameMaster pamlemaster

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