The world beyond Darkness

The Search Continues

And a small break

13th of October, 1893

A year after Van Helsing’s gone missing

Once Jayden was settled at the new lodge, it was decided that he may be too young to initiate into the mysteries of the Rippers, but he can be useful in other ways.

A few nights after they had rested from the encounter with the gadgeteer, several constables arrive, requesting that Adriana, D.K., Dirk and Peter accompany them to a station house, but they are told very little about why…Somehow, this is a trap as well and they end up in a small underground chamber where they are threatened by a man calling himself Baron August Heilden, and he is accompanied by a small troop of the Night Guard! However they handily defeat them, as other member of the local lodge, led by Whale Hunter, come to their aid.

Several days later, Gwen notifies them of a telegraph from Bleddyn House. It says that a ship, called the Omega, that they have been looking for is due into port in a little over a weeks time. Since this is linked to Dr. Prometheus, the travel back to England, arriving only 2 days before the ship is to arrive. They go to the dock to watch the Omega for a while, and discover there is something strange about all hands on the ship. Uncertain of a course of action, they return to London to find out as much as they can about Dr Prometheus and Professor Victor Frankenstein.

While researching, Johann brings them to his lodge to speak to them. While there he gently berates them for not starting a lodge, though he understands that their expertise has been much more value in the field. They share information about Prometheus and Moreau. He tells them that there was a raid on Moreau’s island a few years back, and the rippers were deeply involved in it. They also discover that the author Herbert G. Wells, whom they had set up an interview with because of his “Novel” about Moreau’s island, is known to work with the Cabal and is considered fairly dangerous.

They have found that the last person who claims to have seen Frankenstien alive is a professor of Geology, Herr Lindenbocker. However, while still continuing to search, Mssr Edmund ask’s if they can help find Serious Chapel, who has gone missing in Lincolnshire. A little research, and consultation with Christopher Blume, who has worked with the Witch Hunters, they travel to Pendle, a sight linked to 17th century witch trials. They have also discovered some reports of missing people and strange lights at a farm.

Arriving at Pendle, they speak to folks at the Red Hart Public house, where they take rooms. They are told that strange happenings are afoot. Bad luck follows visits by strangers…soured milk, dead cats, at least one broken leg…and the wolves beyond the boundaries of the hill…


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