The world beyond Darkness

The End of the Cabal?

Have we taken back the night?

25th and 26th of February, 1894

Once they return to Hell, they head to the dreadful place, known to the residents as, The Corpse Factory. Once inside they see terrible sights, including specters that may have been old friends. It appears that midst the pipes, flame jets, work tables and odd machines, the 4 demons are not overly bothered with mortals within their factory, as long as they are not interfereing with whatever horrible things they are creating…

They meet the factory foreman, and in its horrible magnificence it is a frightful visage, but the persevere, tricking it into thinking they are important friends of Jack, thereby getting them some time to search the office, and they find many secrets in the meticulous log book it keeps. They discover new secrets about Johann and the Hellish Mirrors.

Traveling through the mirror a final time, they come to Count Dracula’s castle, and seem to drive him away after a hard fought battle, with some secrets in tow.


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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