The world beyond Darkness

Spirits and Their Interactions

A tretise by D. K. Greypartridge

A brief discussion of spirit interaction , in the words of D.K. Greypartridge

This is in the public domain, but not necessarily in public knowledge

12th of May 1895

I am D.K.y Greypartridge, and I present to my most esteemed colleagues a discussion and proof of the spirits that exist around us. I have substantial training in Electricity and Luminiferous Aether and would refer you to any of my published papers in order to establish my bona fides. In this brief, I will discuss the presence of spirits among us, as well as the so-called mediums. Once that is established, I will illustrate the mechanism I use to prove the co-existence. Finally, I will propose my theories as to why I have the capabilities that I have.

Since childhood I have been capable of perceiving the presence of spirits, ghosts, if you will. On occasion, they manifest themselves to me unbidden. But I have learned to, with a moments concentration, to perceive their presence. In almost any given place, these ghosts abide. Some are rooted to a place, an item or on occasion, a person. Others appear to be free roaming. They communicate with us, but very few are able to hear them, and I have proven many a medium to be unreliable or outright fake. Rarely, the most powerful of these spirits can manifest themselves to the common issue of Aether, but most often, the aether does not react to them.

I realized, with the aid of my grandfather, Godfried, that with the appropriate filters, both applied tinctures as well as more traditional lenses, I could render the spirits visible to almost anyone. If you will review the appendix, you can see the Aetheric formula, as well as the materials and composition of the filters and tinctures used. In this image, take with my Greypartdridge – Morely Aetheric Camera, one can clearly see my grandfather, as well as two other less formed spirits and a clear face manifestation; Grandfather:Left Midground; 1st Apparition: Near top Center; 2nd Apparition: Right before the arch; Manifestation:Right, before clock. I can often see them even more clearly, and with appropriate research and experimentation, I will likely improve the clarity for others. Note that the slight brightening near the left center is simply a defect of the filtering, thus causing slight accumulation of excessive aether, without form.


Finally, I must discus my “perception” of these spirits. They vary in strength as well as clarity. For instance, My grandfather is clearly visible and “speaks” to me most clearly. It must be understood, that a visual perception is a close approximation of how I perceive them as well as hearing is only an approximation. I can cover my eyes, or ears, and often still “perceive” their presence. Most, as I’ve said before are vague, but sometimes they are very clear. Often they communicate in feelings and emotion much more than words. I believe is requires of them a great expenditure of energy to form coherent words, and so only the most strong are able, or willing, to do so. Although I have undergone many exams, no doctor or practitioner has been able to determine any Extra Sensory organs in my eyes or ears. However, My Phrenological Perceptives are well developed, and I believe that my perception of the Aether is simply slightly different in the same way that each person may interpret a color of red slightly differently. As to why they do not communicate regularly, I believe that because the Aether is a very poor conductor of sound, they must force a bit of themselves into ones Perceptives to form words, and, the expenditure of energy, for an entity of energy is extraordinarily difficult or perhaps even risky for them.

Thank you for your review, and look forward to further discussion of these observations.

D.K. Greypartridge


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