The world beyond Darkness

Somebody Else's Problem

Or how I plan on not being a stationary target any longer

Recovery seems never ending and eats at your soul as you do nothing, rest and wait.

I don’t do it well.

Bless George and his cleverness for he found me diversions to take my mind off the need to allow my body to heal. Once I had slept for several days straight he brought me graph paper and handfuls of sharpened pencils and we sat and brainstormed about what sort of machine I should create next. We didn’t land on anything interesting until, in frustration I sighed and said, “What I REALLY want is to be someone else’s problem.” You know… that wholly British skill of ignoring anything that is uncomfortable, or unusual… but, to the things that want to stab, eat, maime, or otherwise do away with my very dear (to me) personage. His eyes lit up and we began brainstorming ways to make me invisible as it were.

What we came up with is ingenious, if I do say so myself and uses the Aether to bend light… well…. that’s all very technical and the patent hasn’t been approved yet so suffice it to say, this newest device will render what we have tagged an S.E.P. Field. With George as my errand boy and heavy lifter we began to put the new device together, but, somewhere in the middle we found ourselves needing several odd bits and pieces.

Since it was a rare, lovely day and my energies were high, we took a carriage down to Portobello Road, in itself a wonderful place to find… well… things but not necessarily where we wanted to be. No, we strolled down most of the length until we came to an odd corner, one that headed off from the main at an unlikely angle, and turned ourselves onto Mulberry Street.

Oh I do love this place more than any other. You want it, you need it, here it will be. We spent several hours strolling and rummaging until, in the back of one very quirky little junque shop we found a wooden box full of bits and pieces. As we dug we could see that it looked to contain a mostly taken apart machine of some sort. Intriqued and delighted to see the pieces we were looking for in one place we bought the box, surprising the funny little frog faced man running the shop by paying his full asking price.

Full of glee and curiousity George lugged it back out to the main streets and we sat with it between us in the carriage back, the contents jingling musically as the wheels bounced over the cobbles. I could not have been in better spirits. Or so I thought.

Once back in the workshop at Van Helsing’s, we removed, catalogued, cleaned and annotated what we found in the box. When dawn surprised us we stopped for tea and took stock of what we had before us. On the bench sat two devices. One, my own S.E.P Field generator and the other a funny little device that dispensed an anticeptic smelling mist… A device we BELIEVE dispenses a healing spray. We discovered it by accident when, while testing the re-built trigger a fine, wet mist sprayed out across George’s scratched and cut knuckles (he being less accustomed to the nuts and bolts of a thing, but insistant that I should still be taking things easy) … his knuckles, within minutes, were healed, the skin as pristine as they had been at the beginning. We hadn’t even known there was any liquid within, there being no cannister or holding jar of any sort. We pressed the trigger again and it dutifully dispensed more of the mist. A third spray and we had some in a glass jar for testing. But. since we had found no source for the liquid, and could see no way for it to be there we decided to stop dispensing so as not to waste something that could be very handy indeed.

Soon we will be off to Germany where once again I will not speak the language. But! I will have a way to not be noticed and a lovely little treasure that might be able to help us not have members of our party killed or maimed.

Hopefully the analysis of the liquid will give me an idea of how to make more. We’ll see.


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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