The world beyond Darkness

Professor Van Helsing, I presume?

The journey is not over

21st of February, 1894

Having killed the so called “Old Ones,” the party leaves August, and Meade with Cyrus Porter on the Nautalis, and head off to see what they can find down the stairs. They descend into darkness, using their trusty Rumkorpf Apparatus for light.

Deep beneath the pyramid, they discover a quiet and seemingly abandon Atlantis…There a a few artifacts, and some sort of creature that attacks them with gusto, but they defeat them fairly easily. After almost 6 hours…They come upon a bedraggled Professor Van Helsing, who is studying an 8 foot stone circle with various symbols around the outside. Van Helsing tells them some nearly unbelivable things, and sends them off to catch Dr. Jack


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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