The world beyond Darkness

Pendle Witches Reincarnated

Tragedy wrapped in Victory

23th of October, 1893

Terrible things averted, but not entirely

Searching the ruins of Malkin Tower Farms, they find a hidden chamber. Within, a terrible ritual is taking place, with Chapel on an altar in the middle of a bloody pentagram.

Realizing that they must stop the ritual, our hero’s attack the witches. The ensuing battle leads to a victory for the Rippers, but at great loss…Serious Chapel, leader of the Witch Hunters is sacrificed before them, and one of the witches is well rewarded, but she does not live long to enjoy it.

Heavy hearted, but undeterred, they return to London with the news…

Allowing time to recover, and with no other emergencies to deal with, they plan a trip to Berlin to meet Professor Lindenbokker…a compatriot of Frankenstein, who may have been the last to see him alive.


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