The world beyond Darkness

Not So Silent Night

Not So Silent Night

What was that. No. silver. No. Not here. grinding of teeth Wherewolf! Batch. Not you! Adrianna. Darling. No. No. No!!!!!

I lay back down wide eyed. The night has been so long. I can hear every creek and moan in this place. I’ve checked twice but I swear there’s someone outside my door. My gun and sword are within arms reach. I thought it a bad idea in case someone needs to wake me but my survival instincts are still running. I have to keep from falling asleep, I can’t bear another nightmare. I’m so tir… What was that? It’s too dark, I can’t see shadows under the door. Walking around without a candle won’t let you sneak up on me. “I heeeaaar you” I mutter with my teeth clenched and under my breath. I slowly climb out of bed as quiet as possible heading for the door. The hammer is pulled back and I’m ready to let loose with my pistol. I don’t remember picking it up but she’s always been faithful and there when I need her. As I creep to the door, I don’t make a sound but they do. I hear them shifting their wait. I hear the slightest shuffle and freeze. Another minute of listening to my racing heartbeat and an enormous humming sound. I’m finally at the door and snatch it open. Nothing. The hallway is empty. It’s hard to see but I can make the wall at either end out. This time, you got away. This time.


MasterGameMaster lemastji

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