The world beyond Darkness

Into Hell...

...And Back

25th of February, 1894

After leaving the Professor to catch Dr Jack, they race through the ruins of Atlantis, only to arrive too late, seeing the Nautilus sail away. But as it is escaping, it is beset by at least a dozen of the “Old Ones” and is crushed…

Returning to the professor and the room with the strange stone ring, they find him suffering from a mortal wound, cut deep into his chest. He says to them:

“Johann has been possessed by Dr. Jack…He opened the mirror, and escaped. He entered a code that likely took him straight to Hell; I copied it down…If so, he will recuperate there until he is able to return to Castle Dracula and complete his plan to unite the Atlantian vampires, Dracula and the Cabal. I have heard bits of your legends while travelling with him, and Johann spoke very highly of you…You must stop him…you must not let him use this mirror…if it isn’t too late to save him…Please!…”

With a final gasp, the great Abraham Van Helsing passed to his reward. Our heroes then used the ring to travel to what may well have been Hell…And then, back to a disused crypt near Rosslyn Chapel. After resupplying, they headded back to the Hellish ring…


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