The world beyond Darkness

Interlude - Bolt Hole

DK Graypartridge

So. After being attacked by Lt. Wilson as a werewolf and a small army of melting not-men we have been forced to vacate The Hauntings and disperse. I think that will please Hildebrandt to no end… well, I think that he thinks that will please him, but I’m guessing he might just miss us a bit. To aid our efforts in cleaning up the mess of the conflict, Father Batch showed us a small set of rooms below The Haunting’s cellar with egress into the steam tunnels. It is a brilliant space and during better times, the lodge used it regularly, with holding cells and a bit of an operating/work room it would be an ideal place to make a bolt hole.

Once the smoke had settled and we were ensconced within our new lodge, Bleddyn House, we turned our efforts to cleaning and provisioning our secret little bolt hole. It wasn’t easy. It was filthy. All water had to be hauled in, as well as all the furnishings and equipment we thought we might need, down small access tunnels and and through numerous causeways. Done at night when our movements in and out of the surface access would not be detected. It was only the three of us, scrubbing and removing and being disgusted by some of our finds. One of them was a nasty looking glass jar that slipped from Adrianna’s hand, almost as if it had a life of it’s own, crashing to the work space and splashing some horrific smelling liquid that burned and stung her arms where is splashed her. I hope the pain subsides soon, and that the red and irritated skin heals well and without scars. I feel horrible, I’d gotten preoccupied with a box of tools and was derelict in my assigned chores, finished with hers, Adrianna stepped in and took over where I had stopped.

After several weeks of good hard work we now have a safe haven hidden securely away beneath the streets of London. Within we can minister to wounds, rest, repair, hold people and things for questioning or investigation… all the things one would think a monster hunter might need. For now the door into The Haunting’s cellar has been wedged, but we think we would like to have some sort of lock installed that will keep anyone from discovering it on accident. We’ll have to see.

It has been exhausting. My back is killing me, my arms ache and my shoulders cry out for mercy. I’m proud and pleased but incredibly glad we are finished.


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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