The world beyond Darkness

She see’s dead people. Really that’s what she said. So how is it that she can be around me and not say she see’s anyone? I’m sure I have a long line of people behind me. Jake, mom, dad and Tommy if you are there be nice. D.K seems like a good person even if we just met. She stopped to help the old gypsy lady and was caring to the widow. Don’t force her away by doing something stupid, just be yourselves. Maybe someday once I know her better I will ask her if anyone is behind me. But not right now. This other guy we are with, I just don’t know about him yet. After watching the Hyde, or whatever that strange thing was, blow by us and kill a man he goes at it with his fist. Really is that all you got? But then again I might be the only one out there that never feels safe and always has all my weapons on me at all times. Even when I sleep they are right next to me. You can never be to safe. I was glad to see him actually pull a weapon, or two, out when we fought the hound. I was beginning to think I was the only one with any fighting experience. But at least Dirk was nice and gave me the Hyde’s gun. So far we all seem to get along pretty well. We each seem to bring our own talents and abilities to the group. Hopefully no one will mind the fact that I don’t talk much. They will find that I speak my mind when I need to. For right now my contribution to the group will just have to be my gun. I’ll let my abilities speak for themselves. Luckily D.K. seems to be able to take care of the talking for us. Which is better then all three of us coming at people to get information. I feel so bad for all the people in this town. They have seen so much devastation in the past few months. Hopefully we will be able to figure out who or what is behind all of this and let this town go back to normal.


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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