The world beyond Darkness


A new hope for mankind

Late March 1894 (and beyond)

Upon returning to the Rosslyn Chapel Hellish mirror, they then go on to London. The brief the leadership, and with in a week, the world conference is convened. After examining the book, and with Johann’s memories from Jack, where he reveals the horrific secret of Rippertech, they determine they must destroy the home castle of Dracula, and assemble over 50 of the most famous rippers to travel to Austria-Hungary.

Upon arriving, they discover that Dracula and his favored concubines have returned her, as well as a counsel of Vampire lords and their demonic minions. A horrific battle begins, between Dracula and his counsel as well as his werewolves and Cossacks against a fierce force of rippers. As they now know the secret to destroying Dracula, the count and his minions are destroyed, but the Rippers losses are substantial. The castle is razed, and the rippers return and grieve their losses, and contemplate a world where Dr. Jack and his cabal are falling to chaotic small groups as opposed to a world wide, well organized machine. Johann, however, begins descending in healt, believing the curse of his rippertech…he goes to the Rosicrucians for help and succor, turning over the organization to Mina Harker, to clean p the remaining pockets with his simple instruction:

Hunt them to their last haunt. Do not let them gain a new foothold. And beware the cursed Rippentech!


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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