The world beyond Darkness

Dirk's Watch

One quiet evening when only DK and Adrianna are sitting with me, I decided to tell them a bit about my family history. I explain that I had left the Army and upon doing so, was disowned by my family. They had much higher expectations of me.

I pull out a pocket watch and explain that I found it next to my seat on the train during our return.

“Father Batch found me lost and suggested there was a home in a place that I hadn’t yet looked. He said I had to become lost before he could find me. He told me that I was raised to be something and just because my circumstance changed, it doesn’t make me someone else. He said I have a purpose in this world and no matter what circle I fit into, I have to fulfill that purpose. So I’m like this watch which has no inscription and is undecorated. I was found and brought to the Hauntings so that my purpose could affect those around me.” In the quiet moments after, we could all hear the ticking of the little watch in my hand.


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