The world beyond Darkness

An Apology, of sorts

A letter from Father

Shared by Dirk in private with the others

A letter from his father:


I hope this finds you well, but since the family fallout, i had not kept any contact with you. I have sent this to a place I am told you have at least occasional contact. Enclosed, you will find a draft that you can draw from any sufficiently large bank. This should account for some of your lost stipend. However, I send this in secret, as I cannot yet accept you back into the family. Although, I must tell you why I have changed my heart.

I don’t know how well you remember my brother, your Uncle Roman. If you didn’t know, or don’t remember he was married to Adelaide Octavian, and they had a son just a few years your junior, Samuel. He and I had had a falling out a few years after you were born, so he was not a close member of the family. However, they had a daughter, Sirena. She would have been 6 in May. And this is why I have come to realize that your tales may not have been pure cowardice or madness, as I have seen the devils work on God’s Earth.

The day before Sirena’s 4th birthday, Roman appeared at my door, hat in hand. He informed me that Adelaide had stolen off with Sirena. He went after her, but was driven off. And the tales he relayed to me chilled my soul. The police would not believe him, and threatened to have him committed, so he came to me as a final resort. The bond of blood is strong enough to weather most things, even the cause of our divorce, but this was my niece, so I condoned to assist. I took my buffalo rifle and your youngest brother, Donald, to face these imaginary beasts.

I cannot force myself to put to paper the things I saw when we tracked them down, but I now know that evil walks among us. The battle between these, witches, for lack of a better description, and ourselves culminated in the ritual killing of Sirena, Donald’s death to thousands of black maggots, Romans loss of one arm, and most of the use of my left hand. We sent them to hell, but at a terrible price. Your mother is now living in fear of ME, and has returned to her family estate. I witnessed it, and I can’t believe it’s existence, but, I can no longer, in conscious, withhold your birthright. Your baby brother is now in the family mausoleum, but I fear going there.

Dirk, If I can legally find a way to grant you your due, without exposing this horror, and without being arrested,which your mother has attempted, or being sent to a sanitarium, I will right the wrong I have done to you. This does not excuse your actions, but I recognize that not all things can be known or understood. I will continue to send a stipend, as well as a way we can covertly communicate if you so desire.


Cardwell Arthur Johnson, esq.


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