The world beyond Darkness

A Surprising Affair

A weekend at Bankes

19th of May 1895 , hours before dawn…

Following the request of Mina to get Sir William Bankes as a sponsor for the organization, they do some research, and then make the trip to Kingston Lacy, the Country home of Sir Bankes, about 40 miles from Bournemouth, a large estate, in rolling and wooded hills.

After meeting the other guests, an informal dinner is enjoyed by all, enjoying the society . During after dinner brandies, they are invited into Sir Bankes’ study, and they proceed to lay out a very convincing argument for his support with out divulging the true reason the Rippers exist. He seems ready to support them, but he must consider and will give them an answer after the gala dinner.

The next day, as all the guest are free to wander our horseman seem to have attracted the attention of Jonathan Jelllicoe, an up and coming politician, who accompanies them throughout the gardens regaling them with his political adventures and asking many questions about their organization. After the open air luncheon, Sir banks take them to his most prized possession, an ancient Egyptian Obelisk from near Philae, in his hedge maze. Not long after that, while wondering the rose garden and extracting themselves from Mr Jellicoe, they here a commotion from upstairs, and upon investigation are passed by Mr. Enrico Gambuccini, an Italian art collector, who is quite agitated. Colonel Prothero (retired) goes to gather Mr Gambuccini, while they go upstairs, finding Chief Inspector Puget has been killed!

The constables are sent for, Sir Bankes calls off the gala, and everyone retires early. However, in the night…a commotion rouses suspicions which lead toe the discover that Sir Banks and Mr. Jellicoe are gone! A large group of men is seen leaving the gardens, but one of them seems to summon some shadowy beast…And during their escape and this battle, the Obelisk is blown up!

With constables due in the morning, their host missing and his likely abductors trying to escape, a plan is hatched as the staff is sent to ready hunting hounds and horses!


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