The world beyond Darkness

A steam voyage undertaken

Situation Reviewed

19th of November, 1893

After the battle at Vignobel, which ended rather anticlimactically, but was followed up by some excitement, they return to the hotel in Paris. There, they discover that an accident occurred at their hotel. Apparently, according to the Gendarme, a gas lamp was left on, and the gas exploded. The resulting explosion and fire killed one of Dirks new found “friends,” Arther Porter.

After this, our heroes return to London and report to Johann what they have found. They have decided that the time is right to head for Iceland to follow up on the only slight lead they have for Doctor Frankenstein. Johann pays a smuggler the rippers have used before to hire him and his steamer to take them to Reykjavík, and one of his rippers provides them with supplies they may need for the 6 day trek to the volcano. During the 4 day journey, with little to do but watch the grey waters and the ever shortening days pass, they gathered down near one of the steam engines, where it was warm and loud enough that they would not be heard, but not so loud that they would need to shout or strain to hear one another. There, they reflected on the progress since they defeated Sosra, not long after Peter joined them, and what set them on this course.

They were summoned to Castle Buda, where they worked with the Harkers again and they interrogated Dr. Jekyll. From him, they learned that Dr. Jack had shown several of his student two pillars that he supposedly obtained in Scotland. He has since entrusted one Dr. Prometheus, while the other was given to Frankenstein, who is believed dead. They also found that Dr. Jack has since disappeared as well, and Jekyll believed it had something to do with the pillars. Since the pillars may be the only link they had to Professor Van Helsing, they started to see what they could find out about Prometheus and the deceased Frankenstein.

They came up with a tentative link to Prometheus, as there was a Prometheus Ltd. a company that deals with pharmaceuticals from Brazil, and they had a cargo steamer called the Omega, which was the name mentioned on a note they took off a defeated Hyde the night they were officially enjoined to the Rippers. While they were dealing with other issues, rippers in Rio attacked a remote location where they defeated Dr. Prometheus. He was carrying on, and had apparently improved the work of his mentor, Dr. Moreau. However, while interrogating him, they found that Dr. Jack had come and taken some sort of pillar away. So, they go to meet a Professor H. O. Lidenbrock, who may have some info on Frankenstein s whereabouts. As, up to this point, the have only found that he died on a ship, and his body was taken away by a very large man. Prof. Lidenbrock confirmed that he had spoken to Frankenstein about an underground world beneath the Snæfellsjökull Glacier. Apparently, Frankenstein and Lidenbrock were to carry out an expedition, but Frankenstein left before the appointed time.

So, now they were aboard the Archangel, captained by Johannes Kamala heading to the Snow-fell glacier, with guides hired by the Rippers. From Reykjavík, they expect about 6 days of sledding to reach the glacier. Fortunately, Iceland does not get far below freezing in November so the trip will be cold, but probably not dangerously so, at least with guides and equipment. Once they arrive, they will descend hopefully finding either a link to Frankenstein or maybe the pillar, or better yet, some definitive link to Professor Van Helsing. Have they missed anything? Are they on the right track?

Either way, they will be leaving in two days, and until then, they will rest and recover in the Hotel Royal, and the exquisite hot springs.


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