The world beyond Darkness

A pillar found...and Zombie Capt Nemo!

A great timefor the rippers

3rd of January, 1894

Our heros find the lava tube that the professor talked about, and descend over 200 feet into the earth. From there, they spent several more days exploring the complex caverns, following a rare marker and descending deeper toward the center of the earth. Eventually, the find signs of habitation as well as some very unusual flora and fauna. They included the undead Dr. V. Frankenstein in this category. From him, they discovered that his abomination guarded the pillar that Dr. Jack brought here at least months ago.

They eventually find the creature, and from him they find a pillar, covered in symbols from many different languages. It appears to be made of white marble, but has a faint glow to it. Remembering what they found in Sosras Tomb, it is decided that it may be glowing due to a proximity of Atlantis! They get it back to London, and speak with Johann about their discoveries, and the state of the rippers. He suggests they will need something to get beneath the waves to reach atlantis and maybe find his Father…Perhaps the Nautilus of the Capt Nemo might be recoverable…it was thought that he scuttled it at Lincoln island, but it might be worth checking.


From there, they traveled to Cairo, with the pillar hidden in a cargo crate. They are reunited with Mr. Frazer, and discuss a great many things. Through his contacts, they are able to hire a underwater exploration vessel of Her Majesties Society for Exploration, and take that to the remnants of Lincoln Island, which has sank beneath the waves, likely due to volcanic activity. However, several fathoms under the sea, they come upon what can only be the famous ship…but they do face perils in it’s recovery!


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