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In Memory

This has been shown to the other characters

Father Batch offers a letter, and food for thought

This is the letter given to Adrianna, by Father Batch, after He told you of Morgan’s death. Just before she became a ripper.

My child, now that you have somewhat come to terms with his death, I must give you this. It was his request to me. Once you have read it, and dealt with any new information, we must talk, at length.

Dearest Anna,

Since you are reading this letter, something has happened to me that I cannot return to you. As is the case of such things, I can only hope that my passing has been as easy and simple upon you as God can grant. I cannot tell you of my passing, and has been our life, there is much I cannot tell. However, there are things that I must set to writing.

Know that what and where I have been has been more grave than any of Her Majesties armies. I know you have not but my word on that, but it is true, I swear it upon our vows. Those vows are still intact, but I have known women. But the reasons and the ways I know them are again secrets that I cannot share. But I am still dedicated to you and us. Our relation may be a bit old fashion in this modern age, but my heart is made stronger by your affection, and I have been seen though great darkness because your stout heart and indomitable will. You must keep yourself safe, and this is the reason I forced you to endure the rigorous training, particularly in the use of the dread side arm. As the American’s say: God made man in His image, but Sam Colt made them equal. A woman will rarely be the equal of a man with hand or knife, but with a gun, security is always close at hand.

Because of the secrets that I must keep, I have resisted having a family. And now, we will never have that. I would wish on you many children in a safe world. Because of that, I urge you, in your youth, to marry again. Use the fighting and shooting I taught you, and even the simple charms and prayers to help keep you well. And in this urging, I offer a choice; turn away from me and live a full life. If you do not choose this, if you are still strong, and desire not to move on, inform the Father that I would desire to offer you membership in the Companions. I am sorry that I have not offered this earlier, but could not bear the thought of losing you, as you have now lost me.

Once you spoke with Father Batch, he did not know exactly what had happened. However, the report he shows you stated that Morgan and two others, Gabby Twohedd and Smoke, went to pursue a demonologist in Calcutta, and never returned. And that was when he Inducted you into The Companions and The Hauntings.


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