Welcome to The Companions, my child!

We are an organization that protects man from the horrors of the night. Many of the things you have heard of, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, even animated mummies exist. And they exist to destroy man. We form that shield between them and the annihilation of our people. But we must remain secret, for few can be convinced that the evil we do is for the good of all, and several of our members have been committed to Bedlam, or the rope. Dr. Van Helsing himself is the guiding light of the Companions. You have been chosen because you KNOW of the horrors and are willing to take a stand. I must tell you that the weapons against the darkness are many, but The Cabal and their armies are nigh indestructible. There are those among us who take their evil into themselves to make themselves stronger, and for some, they become powerful champions of our order. But it is a dark and dangerous road, and Dr. Van Helsing and others, I as well, counsel strongly against that course.

Welcome. I wish you a successful life, but I cannot, in good conscious, wish a long one.

Father J. Batch

The world beyond Darkness

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