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  • The Chapel at Rosslyn

    h2. 3 October, 1892 Our rippers have attracted the attention of Johann Van Helsing, and they are summoned to the[[Van Helsing Lodge | Van Helsing Lodge]]. There, they are told that Dr. Abraham Van Helsing has gone missing and he would like them to …

  • Treasure beneath the Chapel

    h2. October 8th, 1892 While staying in the inn at Rosslyn, our rippers go to examine the [[Rosslyn Chapel | Chapel]] after dark. Inside, they have an intriguing encounter, perhaps answering the question they came here for. Following that, they …

  • invitation

    Dear Ms Greypartridge - I invite you to join me at Club BlackJack To discuss you ongoing hunt. I know where He is, and I can get you close to him. Arrangements have been made for your sex, and I offer you and your close companions a most excellent …

  • Handouts

    [[Egypt]] [[Hyde Note]] [[Sosra's Tomb]] From Van Helsing's [[Notes]] |[[Main Page | Main Page]]|

  • Sosra's Tomb

    [[Hieroglyphs]] [[Scrolls]] about the Pillars |[[Main Page | Main Page]]|[[Handouts | Handouts]]|

  • Hieroglyphs

    *The Hieroglyphs in the first two rooms seem to be mostly prayers. However, the following information can be teased out of the rest of the dross:* Specially Trained craftsmen who had learned secret techniques from Sosra built this temple, known as the …

  • Scrolls

    *In the Tomb and "library" the heiroglyphs speak of worship of "the secrets" and of Sosra. The following information can be worked out:* In 2500 BC, Sosra was a priest and adviser to the Pharaoh Djoser . While wandering through the desert, Sosra …

  • Egypt

    [[Constable's Report]] [[invitation | Invitation]] [[Pillars]] Scroll Translation |[[Main Page | Main Page]]|[[Handouts | Handouts]]|

  • Constable's Report

    " This is the third incident of dismembered bodies found in the last 4 months. So far there are almost no clues. In each incident it was a young woman, late teens to early 20's. The body has been dismembered, and parts of the offal as well as parts of the …

  • Angeline's Letter

    [[File:480963 | class=media-item-align-none | Letter.jpg]] |[[Main Page | Main Page]]|[[Handouts | Handouts]]|

  • Pillars

    _As translated by Peter Venkman:_ When I used the ancient key, the pillars glowed like moonlight. When my slaves moved the pillars to my new temple, the light grew brighter. I believe they are somehow drawing Ba (soul energy) from Atlantis itself, and …