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  • Masked Crusaders

    A league of crime-fighters and monster hunters who hide their identities behind masks. | [[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Factions | Factions]] |

  • Old Worlders

    A motley band of mad scientists, woodsmen, and werewolf hunters (called Wolfen Jaeger) who frequent the dark forests and mountains of Eastern Europe. |[[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Factions | Factions]] |

  • Rosicrucians

    An order of alchemists, wizards, and astrologers founded by Dr. Jack. The Rosicrucians helped to invent Rippertech, but now avoid its use and dedicate themselves solely to the pursuit of magical power. | [[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Factions | …

  • Slayers

    A group of vampire slayers, who form the core of the organization. | [[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Factions | Factions]] |

  • Order of Saint George

    :A secret society of priests, monks, nuns, and monastic knights drawn from different religions and denominations. The Order forbids the use of Rippertech, but it gives its members access to numerous holy relics. | [[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Factions …

  • Witch Hunters

    A fanatical group, members of this faction are dedicated to hunting down and destroying witches, Satanists, and other evil magicians. Witch Hunters tend to be fervently religious and favor fighting monsters by normal means-and up close-rather than …

  • Frazer's Fighters

    A loose confederation of mercenaries, explorers, and archeologists, led by the famous tomb raider Allen Frazer. | [[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Factions | Factions]] |