The world beyond Darkness

An Outcome achieved...
But of what value?

19th of May 1895 , Late in the evening at Van Helsing Lodge…

Mounting the horses, joining the hunstman, and Colonel Prothero, they ride off after the kidnappers.

It is a difficult ride through the dense wood, but they come out on the far side to a farm road. A few yards away a handfull of the men with horses are spotted and a wagon well down the road.

They engage them recovering Sir Bankes and Mr. Jellicoe, but at least one gets away. Sir william has a dark bruise on the side of his face, but otherwise they seem in good condition.

Upon returning to Kingston Lacy, Sir Bankes agrees to support the Van Helsing Charities, even though he was a bit put off that members of such a well intentioned organization would simply let a murder happen in his house, he understood their choice of prudence.

Our heroes then re-investigate, and think they have solved the murder, about the time the constables from Bournemouth arrive. They conduct their own investigation, and after interviewing all the witnesses, return to Bournemouth and advise everyone to be available for further questioning. However, the senior inspector seems to have suspicions of our heroes.

Returning to London, with 50 guineas from their newest sponsor, they discuss the incident with Mina. After brandies, they meet Silas, and trade the cursed blades that Dirk carries for one that is supposedly blessed and 400 years old.

A letter...
In Memory

This has been shown to the other characters

Father Batch offers a letter, and food for thought

This is the letter given to Adrianna, by Father Batch, after He told you of Morgan’s death. Just before she became a ripper.

My child, now that you have somewhat come to terms with his death, I must give you this. It was his request to me. Once you have read it, and dealt with any new information, we must talk, at length.

Dearest Anna,

Since you are reading this letter, something has happened to me that I cannot return to you. As is the case of such things, I can only hope that my passing has been as easy and simple upon you as God can grant. I cannot tell you of my passing, and has been our life, there is much I cannot tell. However, there are things that I must set to writing.

Know that what and where I have been has been more grave than any of Her Majesties armies. I know you have not but my word on that, but it is true, I swear it upon our vows. Those vows are still intact, but I have known women. But the reasons and the ways I know them are again secrets that I cannot share. But I am still dedicated to you and us. Our relation may be a bit old fashion in this modern age, but my heart is made stronger by your affection, and I have been seen though great darkness because your stout heart and indomitable will. You must keep yourself safe, and this is the reason I forced you to endure the rigorous training, particularly in the use of the dread side arm. As the American’s say: God made man in His image, but Sam Colt made them equal. A woman will rarely be the equal of a man with hand or knife, but with a gun, security is always close at hand.

Because of the secrets that I must keep, I have resisted having a family. And now, we will never have that. I would wish on you many children in a safe world. Because of that, I urge you, in your youth, to marry again. Use the fighting and shooting I taught you, and even the simple charms and prayers to help keep you well. And in this urging, I offer a choice; turn away from me and live a full life. If you do not choose this, if you are still strong, and desire not to move on, inform the Father that I would desire to offer you membership in the Companions. I am sorry that I have not offered this earlier, but could not bear the thought of losing you, as you have now lost me.

Once you spoke with Father Batch, he did not know exactly what had happened. However, the report he shows you stated that Morgan and two others, Gabby Twohedd and Smoke, went to pursue a demonologist in Calcutta, and never returned. And that was when he Inducted you into The Companions and The Hauntings.

An Apology, of sorts
A letter from Father

Shared by Dirk in private with the others

A letter from his father:


I hope this finds you well, but since the family fallout, i had not kept any contact with you. I have sent this to a place I am told you have at least occasional contact. Enclosed, you will find a draft that you can draw from any sufficiently large bank. This should account for some of your lost stipend. However, I send this in secret, as I cannot yet accept you back into the family. Although, I must tell you why I have changed my heart.

I don’t know how well you remember my brother, your Uncle Roman. If you didn’t know, or don’t remember he was married to Adelaide Octavian, and they had a son just a few years your junior, Samuel. He and I had had a falling out a few years after you were born, so he was not a close member of the family. However, they had a daughter, Sirena. She would have been 6 in May. And this is why I have come to realize that your tales may not have been pure cowardice or madness, as I have seen the devils work on God’s Earth.

The day before Sirena’s 4th birthday, Roman appeared at my door, hat in hand. He informed me that Adelaide had stolen off with Sirena. He went after her, but was driven off. And the tales he relayed to me chilled my soul. The police would not believe him, and threatened to have him committed, so he came to me as a final resort. The bond of blood is strong enough to weather most things, even the cause of our divorce, but this was my niece, so I condoned to assist. I took my buffalo rifle and your youngest brother, Donald, to face these imaginary beasts.

I cannot force myself to put to paper the things I saw when we tracked them down, but I now know that evil walks among us. The battle between these, witches, for lack of a better description, and ourselves culminated in the ritual killing of Sirena, Donald’s death to thousands of black maggots, Romans loss of one arm, and most of the use of my left hand. We sent them to hell, but at a terrible price. Your mother is now living in fear of ME, and has returned to her family estate. I witnessed it, and I can’t believe it’s existence, but, I can no longer, in conscious, withhold your birthright. Your baby brother is now in the family mausoleum, but I fear going there.

Dirk, If I can legally find a way to grant you your due, without exposing this horror, and without being arrested,which your mother has attempted, or being sent to a sanitarium, I will right the wrong I have done to you. This does not excuse your actions, but I recognize that not all things can be known or understood. I will continue to send a stipend, as well as a way we can covertly communicate if you so desire.


Cardwell Arthur Johnson, esq.

Spirits and Their Interactions
A tretise by D. K. Greypartridge

A brief discussion of spirit interaction , in the words of D.K. Greypartridge

This is in the public domain, but not necessarily in public knowledge

12th of May 1895

I am D.K.y Greypartridge, and I present to my most esteemed colleagues a discussion and proof of the spirits that exist around us. I have substantial training in Electricity and Luminiferous Aether and would refer you to any of my published papers in order to establish my bona fides. In this brief, I will discuss the presence of spirits among us, as well as the so-called mediums. Once that is established, I will illustrate the mechanism I use to prove the co-existence. Finally, I will propose my theories as to why I have the capabilities that I have.

Since childhood I have been capable of perceiving the presence of spirits, ghosts, if you will. On occasion, they manifest themselves to me unbidden. But I have learned to, with a moments concentration, to perceive their presence. In almost any given place, these ghosts abide. Some are rooted to a place, an item or on occasion, a person. Others appear to be free roaming. They communicate with us, but very few are able to hear them, and I have proven many a medium to be unreliable or outright fake. Rarely, the most powerful of these spirits can manifest themselves to the common issue of Aether, but most often, the aether does not react to them.

I realized, with the aid of my grandfather, Godfried, that with the appropriate filters, both applied tinctures as well as more traditional lenses, I could render the spirits visible to almost anyone. If you will review the appendix, you can see the Aetheric formula, as well as the materials and composition of the filters and tinctures used. In this image, take with my Greypartdridge – Morely Aetheric Camera, one can clearly see my grandfather, as well as two other less formed spirits and a clear face manifestation; Grandfather:Left Midground; 1st Apparition: Near top Center; 2nd Apparition: Right before the arch; Manifestation:Right, before clock. I can often see them even more clearly, and with appropriate research and experimentation, I will likely improve the clarity for others. Note that the slight brightening near the left center is simply a defect of the filtering, thus causing slight accumulation of excessive aether, without form.


Finally, I must discus my “perception” of these spirits. They vary in strength as well as clarity. For instance, My grandfather is clearly visible and “speaks” to me most clearly. It must be understood, that a visual perception is a close approximation of how I perceive them as well as hearing is only an approximation. I can cover my eyes, or ears, and often still “perceive” their presence. Most, as I’ve said before are vague, but sometimes they are very clear. Often they communicate in feelings and emotion much more than words. I believe is requires of them a great expenditure of energy to form coherent words, and so only the most strong are able, or willing, to do so. Although I have undergone many exams, no doctor or practitioner has been able to determine any Extra Sensory organs in my eyes or ears. However, My Phrenological Perceptives are well developed, and I believe that my perception of the Aether is simply slightly different in the same way that each person may interpret a color of red slightly differently. As to why they do not communicate regularly, I believe that because the Aether is a very poor conductor of sound, they must force a bit of themselves into ones Perceptives to form words, and, the expenditure of energy, for an entity of energy is extraordinarily difficult or perhaps even risky for them.

Thank you for your review, and look forward to further discussion of these observations.

D.K. Greypartridge

A Surprising Affair
A weekend at Bankes

19th of May 1895 , hours before dawn…

Following the request of Mina to get Sir William Bankes as a sponsor for the organization, they do some research, and then make the trip to Kingston Lacy, the Country home of Sir Bankes, about 40 miles from Bournemouth, a large estate, in rolling and wooded hills.

After meeting the other guests, an informal dinner is enjoyed by all, enjoying the society . During after dinner brandies, they are invited into Sir Bankes’ study, and they proceed to lay out a very convincing argument for his support with out divulging the true reason the Rippers exist. He seems ready to support them, but he must consider and will give them an answer after the gala dinner.

The next day, as all the guest are free to wander our horseman seem to have attracted the attention of Jonathan Jelllicoe, an up and coming politician, who accompanies them throughout the gardens regaling them with his political adventures and asking many questions about their organization. After the open air luncheon, Sir banks take them to his most prized possession, an ancient Egyptian Obelisk from near Philae, in his hedge maze. Not long after that, while wondering the rose garden and extracting themselves from Mr Jellicoe, they here a commotion from upstairs, and upon investigation are passed by Mr. Enrico Gambuccini, an Italian art collector, who is quite agitated. Colonel Prothero (retired) goes to gather Mr Gambuccini, while they go upstairs, finding Chief Inspector Puget has been killed!

The constables are sent for, Sir Bankes calls off the gala, and everyone retires early. However, in the night…a commotion rouses suspicions which lead toe the discover that Sir Banks and Mr. Jellicoe are gone! A large group of men is seen leaving the gardens, but one of them seems to summon some shadowy beast…And during their escape and this battle, the Obelisk is blown up!

With constables due in the morning, their host missing and his likely abductors trying to escape, a plan is hatched as the staff is sent to ready hunting hounds and horses!

Odd Companions
A night of surprises

12th of May 1895

After they spend a short time in the Oxford Abattoir, the Horsemen head to London and the Van Helsing Lodge and perform some more research, which is likely a dead end. However they get a request from Mina, to try to recruit Sir William Banks, or at least his support. As he is having a dinner, and is an amateur archeologist, it should be a simple task. However, they also learn that Professor is not the only Egyptologist that has gone missing!

Late in the night, they are woken from sleep by a ripper in need of assistance with tracking a Patchwork and a witch!

A Simple Invitation
Or something more Sinister

5th of May 1895

A rare time that Adrianna, DK, Dirk and Peter are all present in the Annex to Al’s Lodge, when a simple missive is brought to Mr. Venkman, inviting him, and his comanions, to dinner and discussion of some of his ideas. Professor Harmsworth is apparently eager to discuss some points of his research.

They go to his Illsworth Annex of Oxford College, wher he dines them, but during the after dinner port, a commotion occurs in the gallery. This leads them into a debate about police involvment, until the encounter just as they find the professor…

A new hope for mankind

Late March 1894 (and beyond)

Upon returning to the Rosslyn Chapel Hellish mirror, they then go on to London. The brief the leadership, and with in a week, the world conference is convened. After examining the book, and with Johann’s memories from Jack, where he reveals the horrific secret of Rippertech, they determine they must destroy the home castle of Dracula, and assemble over 50 of the most famous rippers to travel to Austria-Hungary.

Upon arriving, they discover that Dracula and his favored concubines have returned her, as well as a counsel of Vampire lords and their demonic minions. A horrific battle begins, between Dracula and his counsel as well as his werewolves and Cossacks against a fierce force of rippers. As they now know the secret to destroying Dracula, the count and his minions are destroyed, but the Rippers losses are substantial. The castle is razed, and the rippers return and grieve their losses, and contemplate a world where Dr. Jack and his cabal are falling to chaotic small groups as opposed to a world wide, well organized machine. Johann, however, begins descending in healt, believing the curse of his rippertech…he goes to the Rosicrucians for help and succor, turning over the organization to Mina Harker, to clean p the remaining pockets with his simple instruction:

Hunt them to their last haunt. Do not let them gain a new foothold. And beware the cursed Rippentech!

The End of the Cabal?
Have we taken back the night?

25th and 26th of February, 1894

Once they return to Hell, they head to the dreadful place, known to the residents as, The Corpse Factory. Once inside they see terrible sights, including specters that may have been old friends. It appears that midst the pipes, flame jets, work tables and odd machines, the 4 demons are not overly bothered with mortals within their factory, as long as they are not interfereing with whatever horrible things they are creating…

They meet the factory foreman, and in its horrible magnificence it is a frightful visage, but the persevere, tricking it into thinking they are important friends of Jack, thereby getting them some time to search the office, and they find many secrets in the meticulous log book it keeps. They discover new secrets about Johann and the Hellish Mirrors.

Traveling through the mirror a final time, they come to Count Dracula’s castle, and seem to drive him away after a hard fought battle, with some secrets in tow.

Into Hell...
...And Back

25th of February, 1894

After leaving the Professor to catch Dr Jack, they race through the ruins of Atlantis, only to arrive too late, seeing the Nautilus sail away. But as it is escaping, it is beset by at least a dozen of the “Old Ones” and is crushed…

Returning to the professor and the room with the strange stone ring, they find him suffering from a mortal wound, cut deep into his chest. He says to them:

“Johann has been possessed by Dr. Jack…He opened the mirror, and escaped. He entered a code that likely took him straight to Hell; I copied it down…If so, he will recuperate there until he is able to return to Castle Dracula and complete his plan to unite the Atlantian vampires, Dracula and the Cabal. I have heard bits of your legends while travelling with him, and Johann spoke very highly of you…You must stop him…you must not let him use this mirror…if it isn’t too late to save him…Please!…”

With a final gasp, the great Abraham Van Helsing passed to his reward. Our heroes then used the ring to travel to what may well have been Hell…And then, back to a disused crypt near Rosslyn Chapel. After resupplying, they headded back to the Hellish ring…


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