The world beyond Darkness

Lost Pillars?
Off to Egypt

December 16, 1892

Our intreped Rippers have turned over the notes and their prisoner to Bleddyn House. It seemed as if Mr. Edmond was almost impressed by the research, but not enthusiastic. However, Mr (or perhaps Doctor) Banbury seems to have disappeared with only a few references to a mausoleum at the new London Necropolis.

Upon going through the notes and things from his brownstone, Adrianna discovers something unusual…possible references to the Pillars of Atlantis that the Freemasons in Rosslyn chapel spoke of. It leads them to undertake a journey to Cairo, arriving in the middle of December, and taking up residence at the Empire Hotel…

House of horrors

December 1st, 1892

Our intrepid Rippers went to the house they believed to belong to Mr (or Doctor) C. Banbury. Inside they encounter horrors that could only have come from the mind of a madman. A skilled madman, but a madman, nonetheless! They find a plethora of notes and voilumes of research as well…

And, they have taken a captive!

What else is found?

November 30th, 1892

Having met with Ld Highsmyth, the discerned that his collection may indeed be haunted, but the Hadliegh collection was not his main concern.

Then, they were able to meet with Professor Clabby and learned of her caretaker. He, Mr Banbury, may have ties to the Rippers through the Sierra Leon lodge.

While researching Mr. Banbury, D.K suffers a break in. And then looks for and finds a house that will soon be available.

They arrange a meeting with Mr Banbury, but it does not go quite to plan…

The Case of the Missing (and found) Servants

November 20th, 1892

After having settled in at Bleddyn House, a mystery is set before our heroes. It seems that two servants of Dr. Alice Longley Clabby, Daughter of the esteemed Professor Robert J. Clabby, had gone missing…

However, one of the servants is brought to the lodge after he was shot trying to rob Capricorn House. Seemingly nothing of concern, until it is seen that the servant has had RipperTech installed! He has had canine jaws attached and a retinal graft…


While packing my things I find my old uniform’s ‘U.S.’ pin. I don’t remember keeping it and it must have fell behind my trunk at some point. Seeing it brings back many memories. Too many to deal with now. We have to get ourselves moving.

While sitting in our meeting room and relaxing, I find my newly located pin. I pull it out and stare at it for a moment. The fact that my attention is drawn elsewhere brings questions from Adrianna and D.K. I decide to tell them a story about one of my adventures out on the plains. Well, it seemed like an adventure when you’re out in the middle of no where but I could tell by their faces, it was a bit mundane for their city attuned life. Finding the pin though brought back several memories though which I thought had been lost. No sense boring them with those tales though.
I tell the ladies that this pin was just a part of a uniform but it symbolized something I used to belong to. It used to mean something to be part of an organization like that. Now I’m part of something again. This time it isn’t an organization of the U.S. government. It’s US. I see now that this group, though vastly bereft of money and members in comparison, is much more important to our safety and well being.

Interlude - Bolt Hole
DK Graypartridge

So. After being attacked by Lt. Wilson as a werewolf and a small army of melting not-men we have been forced to vacate The Hauntings and disperse. I think that will please Hildebrandt to no end… well, I think that he thinks that will please him, but I’m guessing he might just miss us a bit. To aid our efforts in cleaning up the mess of the conflict, Father Batch showed us a small set of rooms below The Haunting’s cellar with egress into the steam tunnels. It is a brilliant space and during better times, the lodge used it regularly, with holding cells and a bit of an operating/work room it would be an ideal place to make a bolt hole.

Once the smoke had settled and we were ensconced within our new lodge, Bleddyn House, we turned our efforts to cleaning and provisioning our secret little bolt hole. It wasn’t easy. It was filthy. All water had to be hauled in, as well as all the furnishings and equipment we thought we might need, down small access tunnels and and through numerous causeways. Done at night when our movements in and out of the surface access would not be detected. It was only the three of us, scrubbing and removing and being disgusted by some of our finds. One of them was a nasty looking glass jar that slipped from Adrianna’s hand, almost as if it had a life of it’s own, crashing to the work space and splashing some horrific smelling liquid that burned and stung her arms where is splashed her. I hope the pain subsides soon, and that the red and irritated skin heals well and without scars. I feel horrible, I’d gotten preoccupied with a box of tools and was derelict in my assigned chores, finished with hers, Adrianna stepped in and took over where I had stopped.

After several weeks of good hard work we now have a safe haven hidden securely away beneath the streets of London. Within we can minister to wounds, rest, repair, hold people and things for questioning or investigation… all the things one would think a monster hunter might need. For now the door into The Haunting’s cellar has been wedged, but we think we would like to have some sort of lock installed that will keep anyone from discovering it on accident. We’ll have to see.

It has been exhausting. My back is killing me, my arms ache and my shoulders cry out for mercy. I’m proud and pleased but incredibly glad we are finished.

A Parting...
The End of a Lodge?

1 NOV 1892

Following the attack by Lt Wilson, Father Batch takes them to a long disused place beneath the lodge. Howerver, because Wilson was one of theirs, there is significant concern about the security of the Lodge and a decision is made…

Not So Silent Night
Not So Silent Night

What was that. No. silver. No. Not here. grinding of teeth Wherewolf! Batch. Not you! Adrianna. Darling. No. No. No!!!!!

I lay back down wide eyed. The night has been so long. I can hear every creek and moan in this place. I’ve checked twice but I swear there’s someone outside my door. My gun and sword are within arms reach. I thought it a bad idea in case someone needs to wake me but my survival instincts are still running. I have to keep from falling asleep, I can’t bear another nightmare. I’m so tir… What was that? It’s too dark, I can’t see shadows under the door. Walking around without a candle won’t let you sneak up on me. “I heeeaaar you” I mutter with my teeth clenched and under my breath. I slowly climb out of bed as quiet as possible heading for the door. The hammer is pulled back and I’m ready to let loose with my pistol. I don’t remember picking it up but she’s always been faithful and there when I need her. As I creep to the door, I don’t make a sound but they do. I hear them shifting their wait. I hear the slightest shuffle and freeze. Another minute of listening to my racing heartbeat and an enormous humming sound. I’m finally at the door and snatch it open. Nothing. The hallway is empty. It’s hard to see but I can make the wall at either end out. This time, you got away. This time.

Trail Dramatic Interlude
Adrianna Blackburn So what should I think? My husband had a women on the side? Or did he just work closely with this women. I don’t know. And I’m not sure I really want to find out. Around the others I act like nothing is bothering me. But when I’m alone its all I can think about. On one hand he was all I had. When he got killed I was all alone. I chose to live a different life. His life. I wanted to take out all my anger for all that I had lost on those that took everything from me. But what if part of my life was all a lie. If he never really loved me, does any of this really matter? Have I wasted 3 years of my life seeking revenge for someone who doesn’t even care about me? Was I not enough for him? What did I do wrong? What could I have done different? No, no, no ,no, no, no. I will not put this on myself. If he was seeing someone else then he got what he deserved and it had nothing to do with me. I will not put this on myself. I have decided to investigated this women and the man mentioned in the letter. I want to find out everything I can on them. I start out by going through all the letters in my husbands box again. Maybe I missed something since I didn’t know to look for it the first time. I spent days in my room reading through all the letters. I forgot to eat or sleep. I just searched for any hidden messages or clues about either of them. Once I was done with the letters I went to the library. I didn’t pay attention to anyone around me. I don’t know if anyone noticed a difference in me because I didn’t notice anyone myself. I was to involved with figuring out who this women was. I searched through any paper I could find in the library. I fell asleep several times sitting at the desk reading. I would wake up and continue reading. Nothing was going to stop me from finding out anything I could before Father Batch could bring me any information I was going to have a big decision ahead of me. Should I go and help this women? What was there relationship? Do I owe her anything, or does she owe me? I should probably just forget about all of it and continue on living my life like I never received the letter.Did I just waste another week of my life investigating something for no reason? I was suppose to be looking for a job to help me survive. Instead I’m wasting more time worrying about someone who might not of cared for me as much as I cared about him. Father Batch is going to have to come up with good reason for me to travel so far.
Dirk's Dramatic Interlude
Dirk's Dramatic Interlude

I decide it might be time for a night out playing cards at a new watering hole. I found a spot in a better part of town so I figure new clothes might be in order. I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. The English are a mighty uptight about their pecking order and such. I might have made this a bit more exciting in my head than it really is but it time to cool out for a while. Considering the way recent events have occurred, I need a bit of a pick me up and why not make it a highfalutin pick me up at that.

The company was polite which is a departure from the standard card tables I’m used to in the states. These blokes have a stern poker face mind you but the threat of someone pulling a gun over cards is pretty low in London. Can’t say the same about Kansas City.

As the evening wore on, I was able to satisfy their curiosity about the ‘Yank’ at the table and shared a bit of life on the plains as an officer in the Cav. The actually asked me if I was from Texas. I could tell they were all truly interested in my stories. One of the gentlemen, Jefferey, who seemed a bit more fascinated with the idea of the wild lands mentioned he’d have to make a trip to see it for himself. Of course he also wants to see New York and the California Gold. He’s in for a helluva trip the way he’s a thinkin.

Overall things weren’t going all too well for me. My luck had definitely crashed as I walked through door. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice. Almost all of my money was gone but I wasn’t alone. There was only one clear winner tonight. That is until a card fell out of his sleeve.

We all sat in stunned silence for a moment. Jefferey broke the silence and calmly told the man, ‘Oliver, get up and leave the table. Nothing else needs be said.’ Now I had only met the man a few hours earlier but you can be damn sure that was no poker face. There was something more behind the look. Pure determination pouring through as if it would physically beat them without a movement. I’ve seen it a few times before. Only for a brief moment though just before justice was answered. Oliver stood as commanded but pulled a pistol. Pointing it at Jefferey he said, ‘You knew this time was coming.’
It’s at this point that I begin to ponder on the fact that I’ve noticed these English chaps don’t have much practice for drawing a piece. It’s a definite edge I have in any serious scuffle. One I’d rather not rely on but I’ve always been happy to oblige in necessity. After only a what seems like an eternity has passed and I figure on the three ways this was likely to going down, I decide the smirk that crept on my face wouldn’t be a welcome sight.

I notice the instant his hand start to tense so it was time to step in. I draw my gun as quickly as possible from my seated position. At this range, I had a lot of leeway for my draw. He’s spun as my bullet hit and his shot wandered past Jefferey by more than a foot.

I remind myself that there’s no sense in feeling sorry for the chap. He’s done it to himself. I’m just grateful everyone’s account of how it played out matched mine once the investigator showed. It also didn’t hurt that Jefferey has connections with the department either. There might be more to this guy. In the end I was cleared, everyone got their money back so it was an even draw, and Jefferey has offered me a job as a body guard.

Hope Father Batch doesn’t mind. Maybe it’s best I don’t bring it up. I let him speak his mind if he finds out. No need in bringing it on myself though.


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