The world beyond Darkness

Sosra's Resting place
And some others...

The day grows late

After descending through a hole in the floor, that Springheel Jack reconnoitered, they find a room with an open sarcophagus, several cenobic jars, as well as several black humanoid statues with Jackal heads around the room. Dirk tried to disarm one of them, and several set upon the group, causing some wounds, but they are destroyed.

After that, they find a room with scrolls, and there they make a few discoveries! And finally, they explore what is apparently the last room down below the hole, and there discover a closed sarcophagus, several more of the statues, and many prostrate dead…

Here are the translation of the Hieroglyphs:

The Hieroglyphs in the first two rooms seem to be mostly prayers. However, the following information can be teased out of the rest of the dross:

Specially Trained craftsmen who had learned secret techniques from Sosra built this temple, known as the Pyramid of Sosra or the Great Temple. Sosra also learned many ancient secrets, including a secret formula used by the Atlanteans to obtain immortality. Sosra used this formula on himself but soon learned he needed to consume human blood in order to rejuvenate his body. This limitation displeased him, so he developed the process of mummification, which preserved the body and eliminated the hunger for blood.

Sosra had himself mummified alive and became the first undead mummy. He taught the technique to others and eventually many pharaohs, priests, and even servants became mummies as well. Sosra grew so powerful the ancient Egyptians eventually came to worship him as Imhotep, the god of medicine.

The dark gods, not willing to be outsmarted, cursed Sosra and the other mummies with paralysis. They fell to the ground as if dead, and their followers dutifully entombed them according to their ancient ritual.

Once more, Into the...
Returning to Sosra's Tomb

February 9th, 1893

Al has sent a call out to the Rippers because of what Dirk reports when he brings back Adrianna and D.K.. The women are sent to the hospital, where they are visited by the British consul-general,Sir Evelyn Baring, who assures them their bills will be paid for by the Crown.

During their recovery, several well know rippers arrive in Cairo. These rippers are Johnathan Harker, Springheel Jack, Father McBane, Danial Hurbert and Gwen Able. With these rippers, the aid of Al and the expertise of Peter Hays they determine more information about Sosra, AKA Imhotep. They are also hearing reports of mummy attacks moving across the Sahara.

When the both of the women are healed, it is decided that they need to go back to the pyramid where Sosra was first encountered. Together, they may be able to defeat him, or find information that will allow them to deal with the attacks.

They head out to the temple. Al and Peter spend several hours reading the hieroglyphs in the entry room, and find something about two towers, or pillars that gave Sosra knowledge of imortality, and his demise at the hands of the gods he challenged.

Further in the tomb, they make a few unsettling discoveries…

One more step forward

It was happening again, I can’t believe it. Everyone from my party is being killed again. Time has slowed as I fight within the moment and I find myself moving with relative ease but my friends didn’t fare so well. I see the only other survivor drop. My anger and determination driving me on. I quickly realize that I can’t gain the upper hand so I have to change tactics. Hit and run. I can outpace these monsters with ease and it gives me time to think. That’s exactly what I need and don’t need.

This Sosra has pitched me back in time and has no idea what he’s unleashed in me. I fight on as if I have the power of God at my side. A quick survey and the familiarity of the scene grips my insides for a moment. It’s too much time to think while in pitched battle It’s as if he has his hand around my heart and is squeezing with all his unholy might. I catch myself as I start to slide down the path of anxiety. Get a grip Dirk. You’re a survivor. That’s what you have to do. The hit and run strategy isn’t working so it’s time to disengage and hightail it away from here. Time to react and stop thinking. This time, I’m not leaving my friends behind. This time, they’ll get a proper burial. After retrieving D.K. and Adrianna, it hits me that I can’t do anymore. They’re still alive which gives me something to work toward.

The travel back is grueling. I do what I can for the ladies to keep them alive but I’m no doctor. The exhaustion set in as soon as I saw the mummies turn away from us. It hasn’t let up since. All I can do is take one more step forward. Now one more step forward. Now one more step forward. Now one more step forward.


Adrianna Blackburn

After finding out all I could about Sosra I turn my attention to Peter and the other Rippers who have joined us. I want to know as much about the Rippers and there abilities before we head out to face Sosra again. I don’t want to be surprised or at a disadvantage because we are unaware of what they can do. So I spend a few days questioning all of them. After I am satisfied with what they tell me, or rather fell as that is all I’m going to get out of them, I move on to Peter. He has asked if he can write a paper on our encounter with Sosra. So I need to figure out where he stands. The last thing we need is for him to write something against what we are out there fighting day in and day out. So while I am hanging out with him waiting to leave I ask him what he knows about Rippers. Does he believe in the same things we believe in or does he think we are all just crazy. If that is the way he looks at us then maybe we don’t want him writing about anything we do. If he has the same beliefs is he a Ripper as well, or does he just know of us because of his work as an Egyptologist. I hope to have a better understanding of him before we leave. While talking to Dirk about weapons to use against Sosra, I decide that my gun did not seem to faze him one bit. So now I need to find a new weapon. Dirk has offered his silver dagger and I will except that but I would also like a blade that will do more damage. Since most of the people seem to not like us Brit’s here I ask Peter if he would be willing to look around for a saber for me. I will pay for it but I don’t think anyone would sell it to me. I know that all of our movements have been watched since we got here and I want to cause as little disturbance as possible. I don’t want to ask Al for anything more. He has already done more then we could ever thank him enough for. I would probably be dead if it wasn’t for Dirk and Al’s quick actions. Peter seems to be the only one I know to ask. So while we wait I will ask this of him if he is willing.
Monster Hunt
Mummies Daddy, Pt 2

February 9th, 1893

Al’s, in Cairo

The few survivors of the last ill fated mission return to Cairo, and Al’s lodge/Bar. The ladies are Hospitalized and attended by Dr. Maliik Ahmed, a very skilled doctor working on behalf of Her Majesty at Martyr’s Hospital. They are visited by Sir Evelin Bering, The Consul-General for Britian. He tells them that their service to the crown is appricated, and that their care will be paid for by the Crown.

While they recoup, research is being done. There are reports of a mummy attacking tribes in the desert.Once Adriana recovers enough, they discover more information about the Priest Sosra, and his fate. Al sends word back to London, and is told that several experienced Rippers will be arriving….

Johnathan Harker, know for hunting Dracula; Father Angus McBride, known warrior of the Order of St George; Spring-heeled jack, a suspected boogy man in actuality a vigilante; Danial Hubert, most acclaimed Werewolf hunter in the Rippers, and Gwendolyn Abel, a Roma Gypsy who has been know to wield curses even sharper than her knife…all arrive at Cairo. Joinijng with Al, our hero’s and the less renown rippers here, they set out to re-address this evil that walks the land.

Curse of Imhotep
The Daddy of all Mummies

January 8th, 1893, Just south of the Saqqara Necropolis

After several days of digging, and one massive sandstorm, they find what appears to be an entrance to the pyramid. Inside, they find a room of Hieroglyphs, that, though not taking the time to study them, appear to speak of the God of Medicine, Imhotep. Further in, the find a room with curses and warnings on nearly every surface. Several warn of an ancient curse for those who defile the tomb of Sosra.

At this point, fortune turns her back. While traveling down a long flight of stairs, they discover several trip lines, which Ayishah i carefully disables. Until she doesn’t, then a stone block falls, blocking their return. Before too long they have had two others drop, another behind, and one ahead. They decide to return to regroup. They spend hours chipping through the stone blocks, finally reaching the surface…only to find a scene of carnage…

Beyond the counter-weighted door, all of their laborers have been slain. Standing on a rise is a large mummy, who points to them, and begins speaking in an ancient tongue, which Ayisha attempts to translate. “Defilers of the Tomb of Sosra…Death Awaits” At this point, the mummy emits a ululating howl and 4 other mummies rise up out of the sand…

The loss to the rippers was great, but complete disaster was averted…for now…

Djosers little brother
A new year...A new Pyramid...

2nd January, 1893

Egypt, just south of the Saqqara Necropolis

While Adrianna convalesces, our rippers lay low at AL’s. They spend more time looking through the meager library, and talking with the few rippers in residence.

After a quiet Christmas in the lodge, they decide they can wait no longer. Adrianna spend time with Peter, Darling spends time with George Lyons Carleton III, and Dirk spends time with Ayisha Speaking with Allan, he hires them laborers, a guide and a few camels, they set out for the place marked on the map.

What they find, is not exactly what they were looking for…

Ambush at the Embassy (hotel)
Who sends a telegraph to an Ambush?

17 December 1892; A few hours before dawn

After having arrived in Cairo, our rippers get the Ambassador suite at the Embassy Hotel. Then, they set off to find AL’s, the local lodge they have been told about.

Arriving there, they spend some time in the bar. Just a little before sundown, they are introduced to Allan Frazer, proprietor of the bar, and head of the local lodge. They spend about an hour or so with him, and he presents them with a key, telling they are welcome to use the facilities that they have. And they return to the hotel…

At the hotel, DK is given a telegraph. Once they go up to the room, they are beset by several men, whom they best. They bind those still alive, lock the room, and return to AL’s.

Once there, Frazer attempts to help them out, having Ayishah fetch Humbert, to help Adrianna. While she is being attended to, Frazer and Dirk return to deal with the bodies, and are surprised by the reception.. Probably a good thing they took everything with them when they left…

They have taken time to let Adrianna heal, while researching any more info they can find, particularly now that they have discovered that Ayishah is an accomplished egyptologist and has her own library housed with the otherwise rather meager library of this lodge. During this time, DK and George cultivate an old contact of his, and convince him to offer support to the bar, in exchange for drinks and limited credit at the tables. Also, while Ayishah is cold toward most of the party, and just short of hostile to George, she seems to be warming to Dirk.

Two days later, Gino returns from an undertaking in Old Cairo, reporting some success against a known Cabal agent.

Interlude Treasure

Adrianna Blackburn
So we set off on a journey to Cairo. The first part of the journey seemed to take forever. On the fifth day I was passing time staring off into the sea when a man wonders up and stands next to me. After a few moments he starts up a conversation. At first I’m a little weary of him, my opinion on men is not the best right now. But after talking for awhile I start to relax. I feel comfortable around him and we seem to be getting along pretty well. The conversation never seems to drag, and for me that’s saying something. When Dirk shows up I introduce them to each other, the same for whenever we meet up with George and DK. Over the course of the rest of the journey we spend quite a bit of our time together. His name is Peter and he is from England. He is interested in Egyptology and travels back and forth to Cairo whenever a dig draws his attention. He is currently on his way back for a dig in a new area that has never been explored before. He seems really excited. When asked why we were all traveling to Cairo I told him we were interested in Egyptology as well. We discussed some of the latest finds. When Peter turned the talk to the other things people have encountered while in or around the tombs I questioned him on how much he believed what others claimed. He told me he has experienced many strange things while in the tombs. After further discussion it seemed like he believed in the existence of the monsters we have been hunting. He never mentioned the Ripper’s by name but he seemed to know about them, maybe even be a member himself. I never let on that I belonged to the group but I did tell him about those I have lost in my life at the hands of monsters.
When we reach Cairo we say our goodbye’s. Peter gives me the address where I can find him while he’s in Cairo. After getting settled in our rooms we head off in search of Al. After finding him and setting up our plans we return to our rooms. When I enter my room there is a box sitting on my bed addressed to me. When I open it I see my parasol sitting inside. After picking it up I realize it is a little heavier then before. A note inside the box tells me its from Peter. He tells me to enjoy my stay in Cairo and that he has upgraded my parasol for me. With the stories I had told him he could tell I was carrying some form of protection but since he couldn’t see it I must like to keep it hidden. He apologizes for taking it without asking but he wanted it to be a surprise. He had the parasol turned into a dart gun for me. In the box are 30 darts loaded with different things. Lead, poison, tranquilizers, that kind of stuff. The letter goes on to say how much he enjoyed spending time with me and hopes we will be able to see more of each other while we are in Cairo. Feeling all giddy inside I go show Dirk, DK, and George what I got from Peter. I’m sure I was blushing just a little but I’ll never admit it.

Satan's Highway

The seas are no place for an army man. Another blasted ship and it’s constant swaying to and fro. There’s no luxury on boat great enough to make me desire this method of travel. I’ve tried to stay as cordial as possible but this is pure misery and my constitution is waning. Now that I think of it, if I were in better spirits and on dry land, I would find it amusing that Satan’s highway is traveling by water. Father Batch would definitely disapprove.

I spend most of my days avoiding others and trying to keep at least some fluid down. I made my way to the deck a couple of times and the slight relief almost wasn’t worth the trouble. I could probably liken it to the difference in pain between someone using a poker on you instead of a hot one. I seemed to be quite the spectacle as well. Everyone was more than courteous to allow me my space but always with such awful looks. Always to be escorted back below. Surely I can’t look that rough can I? The slight thought of laughter at myself only curls my stomach further.

A couple days in on our grande voyage and someone must have taken pity on me. An old China man came to visit and provided a few small packets of powder. He took one and made it into a tea. To be honest, I was a bit fearful since he was led to me under escort and I hadn’t seen a single China person the entire trip. They were surly kept on lower decks but two of the ships men to look after this man? I’d wager he wasn’t a day younger than Methuselah himself. Nevertheless, I took his offering and prayed it would bring a quicker death.

A couple hours and a short nap later, I started to feel remarkably better. Still not at my finest but I can at least stomach some food. The old man left enough of the remedy to cover the rest of my trip but I really want to find out what it was. No matter what I face in the next few weeks, I do plan on returning home. I’m also pretty damn sure it will be by one of these cursed vessels.


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