Shocking Tangler Crossbow

A designed, non-lethal hand crossbow

weapon (ranged)

This mini-crossbow is designed for use with modified binding bolts. They will also deliver a non-lethal electric shock!

The capacitor in the stock has 15 charges, and each bolt hits for 3D6 damage, taking two charges. Also, the target is bound by thin metal cords. The target can only attempt[t to break free if unshaken, with a STR-1 roll. With a raise, they can still act.

Because of the delicate balance of this device, firing non-binding bolts forces a -2 on the shooting roll.

Notes – Target must make a Vigor roll at -2 (plus any Armor worn) or be Shaken before applying damage. If the target rolls a 1 on their Vigor die, they may take lethal damage from the attack. For Extras roll an additional d6, and on a 1, they take lethal damage. Wild Cards do so if their Wild Die also comes up a 1 (a critical failure).


Shocking Tangler Crossbow

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