Aetheric Compass

Device to monitor and track aetheric signatures


Created to detect and track aetheric signatures. User must have either an image from the Aetheric Camera or know the aura pattern of the desired target.

The ranges will be 120/240/480 (720’ / 1440’ / 2880’ in real money)

Will allow a tracking roll, with range and association modifiers. A raise
doubles duration

PP: 10
Duration: 3 rnds (1/rnd)

Association mods:
Recent Aura record (less than 1 day old): +2
Aura Record: 0
Strong association: (Hair, fingernails): -2
Weak association: (regularly carried gear): -4
Presence only: (a place they have spent time in): -6
Generic aura: -8


Aetheric Compass

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