The world beyond Darkness

Shark Fin Soup, or The Mystery of the Disappearing Seamen or.... anything you walk away from is a win.

DK Graypartridge

I’m discovering that a good portion of being a member of Van Helsing’s little society is boredom. So much so I find myself pouring over the newspapers just to see what I can see. Which is how, oddly enough, I found our most recent exploit.

Sailors gone missing. A report here, a report there nothing amazing, no one important, but none the less, three people gone missing too close together and too similar in many ways. So off we go, down to the docks to have a little look around, a little wander, perhaps chat with people who might have seen or heard… and what do we discover but a man wearing an amulet that has an aura of its own. A familiar aura. One much like the one surrounding the amulet of our most unfortunate priest in Norfolk. Questions lead us to a new group of strong arms calling themselves The Sharks. A group that has mysterious shark men in their midst.

Well… some footwork, more questions, a scuffle or two and we know where they are holed up. Know we have to remove that amulet from circulation. Know we three cannot tackle it alone, so off we trundle to ask for aid from another house. Three more add to our little group and off we go to tackle the stronghold of this new gang.

Which doesn’t go well. Many hurt on both sides. Several dead on both sides. So many mistakes. So much loss. But. We do leave the place with all our members, although poor Lord Blevin succumbed to his wounds in hospital later. We do leave with the amulet safely in hand. We do get gone before the actual arrival of the constabulary.

I guess we can count that as a win. I guess.


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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