The world beyond Darkness

Interlude- Wonder

After arriving back at The Hauntings in pretty bad shape, I went straight to bed hoping to sleep some of it off. Sometime in the night my mind wanders to the special place my husband and I would go to when we needed to forget about the world we lived in. That wonderful peaceful MONSTER FREE ZONE we called it. Ours was a peaceful beach. Blue crisp water, tall palm trees and a huge beach with soft white sand. No one else was there except us. We could relax in each others company and not say a thing. or talk nonstop about anything but what we just went through. No real life here. Just peacefulness. When laying on the beach got too hot we could cool off in the water. My husband would wrap his arms around me and just hold me. That was the only time I ever felt completely safe, protected in the arms of the man I loved. As I woke up from the best sleep I had gotten in awhile I remembered I had a friend to check in on. I was feeling so bad when we got back that I didn’t go check on Justin. I needed to make sure he was back at The Hauntings and in better shape then he was the last time we left him.


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