The world beyond Darkness

Hopton on Sea - Suspected Black Shuck - Official Report

DK Graypartridge

Shortly upon arrival, after the sun had fully set, while interviewing the local residents in the coach house we encountered, first hand the so called “Black Shuck”. It was overly large, very dark in color and aggressive. It gave off an unnatural aura and took several shots to the head to actually put it down.

The following day we began following up on the surviving family members of the victims, retracing the most recent victim’s movements to the village church where we found a very deviant young boy in the charge of a brother of the Order of John of Patamos or the Ordo Appocolytica, admitted by his own words. His own aura was odd and he carried hidden beneath his robes an amulet that showed its own unnatural aura.

With the information gleaned from our interviews we surmised that the Black Shuck incidents coincided very closely with the arrival of Brother Smith. After dark we patrolled the streets of the village ending at the church, prowling the bone yard and watching for any sign of activity from the brother and his altar boy. Before too long the boy appeared and headed into the woods away from the village. Following we found him ensconced in a derelict farm house where a half dozen curs were chained. The boy did the oddest thing. He sat in a circle on the floor and burned a black candle while he played with a knife. I could not decide what he was doing, but it seemed to me at the time, and events later confirmed that he was waiting, but why in a protective circle I do not know.

After the candle had burned out he picked a dog and took it with him back into the woods towards the village. We followed, but lost him when he appeared to fall into a gully. Upon searching we discovered an opening into a tunnel that came up and out in the church bone yard beneath a new headstone and fresh grave.

Fully alarmed and certain another Black Shuck was being made we burst into the church itself to discover the body of the cur on the altar with a pile of offal on the floor at its base. The Brother appeared to be conjuring so we all moved in to put a stop to him.

Blurred and frightening, the encounter involved Brother Smith using his amulet to burn us with “darkness”, to shroud him in mist that acted like a shield and to blind us within a wall of darkness. It ended with the dog rising as one of the large black beasts as we had seen the previous night but being ended with a bullet in its brain, with the boy, George Wilson, disappearing and the brother dead with another one of Adrianna’s bullets to his brain.

We had hoped to deal with the brother and simply make him disappear but we were not the only ones patrolling the nighttime streets of Hopton on Sea and the gun shots were heard. We made our exit before anyone could access the church and reappeared in the village claiming having gotten lost in the woods. Some suspicions were raised, but our answers seemed to mollify people and no one ever asked us for our identification.

The amulet is now in the hands of Father Batch and is believed to be a Profane Artifact which the brother used to protect himself and defend against us.

Georgie Wilson is still at large and an evil little boy that will wind up on the underbelly of the world doing nefarious deeds if no one intervenes and shows him discipline and love.


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