The world beyond Darkness

Go Go Gadget Silencer

DK Graypartridge

Hurt. I hurt. I was exhausted but I could not sleep sleep. My body ached, my skin burned, my mind whirled with possibilities and images of compasses and wire cages.

Nothing for it but to get up. Bent over my little desk I wiled away the midnight hours deep in concentration and inspiration drawing up designs for a new device and a bit of a gadget for Adrianna.

After breaking my fast I headed out to visit one of my Grandfather’s old friends to beg some workshop space. Mr. Jerome was very happy to see me and kindly agreed to rent me time in his workshops to build my designs. It was delightful to focus on working with my hands again. Pieces fell into place and powers charged just exactly and I envisioned they would.

After a fortnight of magnifying lenses, singed hair and one nasty cut across my forearm that cost me an afternoon getting it stitched back together by a very handsome young doctor I have a new device to help with my work and a lovely little gadget that will keep the ringing blast of Adrianna’s gun from attracting attention. I look forward to getting a chance to try them out… although in all honesty I think the silencer is for myself more than the hope of avoiding discovery. I hate guns. They do such horrible things to people. But.

I’m tired. I still hurt, but it is easier to deal with now, especially since I am having afternoon tea with said handsome doctor. He says it is to check on my wound, but surely we would not need to have tea to do that. Pop Pop is chuckling at me. I think he still finds it humorous when I suddenly am reminded that I am female and then display those traits. But, never mind.


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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