The world beyond Darkness

Dirk's Inner Reflections

As Dirk settles back in at the Hauntings, he’s lost in his thoughts. He spends a good amount of time resting from the mission but stays mostly to himself. He’s polite to the other guests and doesn’t go out of the way to ignore anyone. He clearly shows, whether he’s trying to hide it or not, that he has a lot on his mind.

This business with devil dogs has me by the tail. I’ve been scared before but this has really put me on edge in a way that I haven’t felt for some time now. I keep trying to rationalize with myself that the shucks are not the beasts of my nightmares. I hadn’t been sleeping well for a while now. Hunting the source of the Black Shuck doesn’t help my apprehension, of that I’m sure.

I find now that Man and his evil are just a small part of this horror show. It’s a side show like those that came through towns every so often. Only these shows aren’t scripted and don’t feel somewhat ridiculous. I wonder if the creatures from those shows were just failed abominations. The things I’ve witnessed outside the circus tent are very dark and sinister. The monstrosities aren’t made up in a way to draw curiosity. They’re here to Hunt and to kill. It’s worse than that though isn’t it. They disembowel those they kill and use obscene science and magics. For some reason it’s not enough for them to just kill. They have to make it worse in whatever way possible but to what end? What is their true purpose?

All of this is a lot to take in. This underworld existed right beneath our noses. Well my nose at least. Our dear friend D.K. seems to have had a much earlier head start but I’m starting to wonder at what cost. And that Adrianna. Well she’s as direct as her shot. There’s more to her, that’s for sure. Something’s driven her to this lifestyle and made her a stone hard fighter. I can’t say I ever met a woman like her and I think it best to not get on her wrong side.

At my core there’s a definite part of me that wishes I was still naive to it all, believing it as nothing more than scary stories to tell by the camp fire. I once thought that the most evil thing conjured in this world was a man’s actions in desperation. A desperate man is truly a dangerous man. I’ve seen men cornered become almost something unnatural. Before, I’d call it Feral or Savage. Now though, I’m awakened. I chuckle at the thought, as unnerving as it is. I’m awakened physically and mentally. Even in the dead of the night thanks to my nightmares. The scary stories aren’t just stories anymore. These things exist now. No, they always have. I wonder how many other stories I thought were created to scare little children are in fact a reality. I cringe at the thought. My eyes have been opened to a world that is more dark than I ever thought possible. It’s not the same place anymore. I used to live in a Savage world. Not anymore, it’s much worse now. It’s so dark, I don’t think there is a word to describe it. It’s a World Beyond Darkness.


Love the catch phrases!

Dirk's Inner Reflections
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